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Steven Scott - 'Anywhere But Here'

By Sylvie Marie & Staff

New Hampshire based singer-songwriter and producer Steven Scott describes his music as ‘acoustic folk rock for dreamers.’ His debut EP, Albino Road, searches for purpose, exploring both the light and dark crevices of human emotion and experience. Albino Road chooses to travel the backroads and avoid the highways with a hope of a common human connection and shared emotions. Off the EP, the song "Anywhere But Here" is a rare find from a poetic artist who has soul to spare.

"Anywhere But Here" opens with intense and intricate, reverberant acoustic guitar picking in 6/8 that has a forward moving motion. Steven Scott enters singing with a classic folk vocal that is made from the earth: rich, warm, and expressive. "It’s a long way home from here, but tell me, where is here? I don’t know where I left my heart." Steven's lyrics and vocal performance cast an immediate impression - he is insightful and honest. Adding to the contemplative landscape, Steven vocaleses on "La da da da da da da da da" after each verse, as if he is giving himself, and the listener, time and space to digest the song's meaningful lyrics.

As the song moves forward, the energy intensifies with upbeat strumming, a simple drum beat, and bass. In addition, Steven raises the bar vocally with a passionate performance that makes full use of his dynamic control. The song then returns to the calm, acoustic sound heard in the intro.

Lyrically, listeners can't ask for more. Steven Scott is clearly a poet who digs deep under the surface. The song offers many messages in a way that everyone can have their own interpretation and find meaning. On the surface, there is the theme of overcoming your fears and anxieties and being proud of the path, with all it's twists and turns, that you have traveled. "The path I've chosen the road I've tread. Through it all I've held high my head." Other sections of the song seem to explore a sense of loss that cannot be recovered. "Through every door I seem to find, a ship, that I've left behind. With all my feelings stowed away. So aimlessly I sail ahead."

"The path I've chosen the road I've tread

Through it all I've held high my head

So cheers to the ones who ignore their fears

Cause sometimes in life you'd rather be anywhere, anywhere but here."

Steven Scott has a poetic songwriting gift. He is one of those rare songwriters who can touch upon the human experience in a way that is genuinely artistic, but easy to relate to. His song, "Anywhere But Here" is timeless. Listeners can feel their own humanity in the meaningful words, haunting melody, intricate guitar, and passionate vocal performance.

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