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Stone Driver - 'Long Way Down'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

A strong wind blows through you in Stone Driver’s new grunge, blues, rock song “Long Way Down.” The ambient wind funnels through your ears against head banging, distorted electric guitar riffs, and hard hitting drums. The drums provide a pure punk beat running on the one and keeping the rhythm section tight and in the pocket. A calm piano melody interlude creates a psychedelic break. This pristine and marvelous production, by John Seymour, contains exceptional drive in the bass while highlighting an aggressive performance from Scott Foster Harris who possesses voltaic vocals.

Lyrically, the song is ingenious with it us of analogies to depict internal turmoil. Songwriter Chad Lesch captives with angst, especially in his second verse. “I can feel the impact when I hit the ground. Far to numb crash didn’t make a sound. Now create a whole, but the world spins around again. Trapped in a dark hole of my own design. Keep telling myself everything is fine, but when I close my eyes, the views just the same.” With metaphors and intense lyrical delivery, the song is lyrically dynamic. The vocals punch on the powerful beat as Scott sings the chorus vivaciously:

“Dropping like a bomb. self-destruction song, won’t you come along?

Falling from the clouds, crashing towards the crowd, help me scream out loud.”

“Long Way Down” is a passionate trip of incredible musicianship. Stone Driver has a radical combination of artistry and skill. Their punchy rhythm section and atmospheric effects intensify the music while the arrangement, lyrics, and production exceed all expectations. Stone Driver is a phenomenal group of artists who create electrifying and versatile rock music you don't want to miss.

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About Stone Driver

Stone Driver is a rock band from Washington, DC that harnesses grunge, blues, progressive, and psychedelic rock influences to create powerful and electrifying music in both the studio and on stage.  The band is currently finishing its highly anticipated fourth full-length album “Mannequins” (late-2020 scheduled release) partnering with former LA Guns frontman Scott Foster Harris on vocals and Grammy award winner John Seymour’s production wizardry (prior artists include Santana, U2, Alice In Chains, Jimi Hendrix, Biohazard, Dave Matthews Band, etc.).In addition to writing, recording, and performing original music, Stone Driver continues to be actively involved in supporting charitable organizations in the DMV community. 

In 2018, Rolling Thunder, Inc endorsed Stone Driver’s veteran’s charity fundraising concert at Union Stage. Stone Driver also hosted and raised money for Per Scholas (DC/MD/VA charity providing transformative technology careers for individuals from often overlooked communities) and organized / headlined the Joe Strummer Foundation charity benefit concert at the Black Cat.  Stone Driver had the pleasure of performing with the Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray, Good Charlotte, Living Colour, Everclear and Bush at the Celebrate Fairfax 2017-2019 music festivals.  

Notable past shows also include playing at the US National Archives (with the US Constitution as their backline!) and the SXSW Showcase with the Young Pandas. Stone Driver was founded by Chad Lesch in 2007.


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