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Sunny Bleau and the Moons - "Holy Water and Hell Fire"

Review by Abby Kenna

“Holy Water and Hell Fire” is a powerhouse of a song in every way, as the lyrics, musicality, and tone are individually bold and compelling.

Contrary to the musical norm, the bass line takes the lead in “Holy Water and Hell Fire”, adding the majority of movement to the track, rather than a soloing electric guitar. The rich, driving bass adds a bit of weight to the layers of instruments, subtly filling the mix with a robust flow. Comparatively, the guitar strums out wailing power chords, adding brightness but not taking away from the persuasive bassline and vocals. Sunny Bleau’s voice demands attention, cutting through with the captivating intensity of arena rock singers like Ann Wilson or Joan Jett. She’s emotive and lively, and it’s hard not to picture Sunny Bleau belting out these lines to a stadium full of screaming fans as her voice reverberates through the soundscape with authoritative energy:

“She’s no Angel, but sure no Devil

Soft enough to bend

Strong enough to stand

Tough enough on her own…”

The saying “holy water and hell fire” comes from a longer quote referring to the duality of the human condition, and how different one’s personality can be depending on how you treat them. Sunny Bleau’s take on this phrase leans to embrace female empowerment, telling a powerful story of a woman who holds her femininity dear, while simultaneously embodying the boldness and strength of being a woman. The vocal delivery in itself exhibits these traits, as Bleau’s dynamic voice and the edge of grit show the range of her talents. Traversing through an enthralling, yet the introspective story, Bleau’s lyricism additionally depicts this duality:

“Thinking of her babies,

It was hell she’d walkthrough

On the darker side of town

She looked for her saving grace…”

“Holy Water and Hell Fire” is an enrapturing tale of femininity, strength, and musical boldness. Sunny Bleau has embraced her character’s bravado, finding the perfect balance of rock grit and narrative delicacy in this powerful tune.


About Sunny Bleau and the Moons

American Singer-Songwriter, Kelly Day, is "Sunny Bleau". The sultry, gregarious, and personable woman called "Sunny Bleau" is known for her straightforward lyrics, passionate performances, strong vocals, and playful personality. Kelly was given the nickname "Sunny" when she was younger. People close to Kelly describe her as a ray of sunshine when she enters a room. As Kelly and her Producer and song-writing partner, Nicholas A. Cocco, started to work on her first singles and stage show they wanted to create something that felt like an escape from the everyday. They also wanted to create something that would stand out in the Pop Blues genre. Combining Kelly's nickname "Sunny" with a creative and slightly suggestive spelling of the word blue (Bleau) was the first step. But who is Sunny Bleau?

"Sunny Bleau looks at life through rose-colored glasses (literally). She always sees the glass as half full and she is always ready to have a good time. Sunny is who every person who feels like life shit all over them wants to be around! Think about who and what you could be and do if only... people could look past the size, shape, and color of another person. If only people would stop telling us that we're no good, or that we're not talented enough, or that we're too heavy or too short! What would life be like without hurt or abuse? Imagine a life without regret! Yes, a life without social depression! A life without being afraid! A life where you don't feel unworthy! A life without racism or classism... a life without labels!

Sunny lives in that imaginary utopia where love and acceptance flow like honey and carbohydrates (and maybe a protein) are served at every meal! Sunny is big, beautiful, bold, strong, and compassionate. She isn't afraid of life, love, romance, or her curves! She tells stories about what's in her heart that offer a simple escape from the craziness of the world. She isn't afraid to put herself out there for the world to see and to escape with! Sunny is on a journey to provide a musical vehicle to all who need to feel included in a positive, warm, playful environment.


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