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Talia - "I'm the Goat"

Review By Reagan March & Staff

With her song “I'm the Goat”, Talia Brings a radio-ready, hip-hop sound to listeners. The instrumental of the piece is similar to hits we hear on the radio featuring a heavy, sub-bass driven instrumental with layers of melodic synths made to entrance you with memorable motifs.

Her catchy tune and flow make for a great hip hop song. The computerized timbre of auto tune, an evidently "vibin'" drum groove, and sing-along lyrics are key points that make this song a “have to listen to” or a must have for your playlist.

Apart from the instrumental of the song, echoing backing vocals add nice texture. The lyrics exude confidence which makes it a high demand song for listeners. Everyone wants to feel confident in their own skin and feel like they are important by just being themselves. Talia's voice is perfect for the hip hop feel of this tune, and the way she alters the melody throughout the song adds variety to the record, captivating the listeners. “I’m a goat, not a sheep, either fall behind or you follow me” truly displays the confidence she has in herself and her craft which is well-earned.

“I’m the Goat” has a very professional, radio-ready sound. Talia’s star potential is exhibited through a single song and it is obvious she has so much more coming. She does a great job exhibiting the necessities for a modern hip hop song. For listeners looking for a new favorite tune, “I’m the Goat” deserves a worthwhile listen to.


About Talia

Talia is an independent singer songwriter from Montreal, Quebec. Growing up in the outskirts of her city; Talia spent most of her free time writing music and dancing. 5’2 and 110 pounds of full sass. She’s all about making people laugh and keeping them entertained. Talia is on the rise and should definitely be kept up with!

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