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Tanner Gordon - Empty Promises

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Empty Promises” is a driving song with depth and intensity. The powerful momentum of this song is impressive. A clearly defined musical idea is well executed through instrumental prowess and high-end production values. Gordon’s vocals are impassioned and emotionally rich while remaining controlled and deliberate. The rhythm section establishes a “high-stakes” feeling which gives the song a sense of urgency. This song grips listeners and demands attention.

Lyrically, “Empty Promises” is poetic and tragic.

“She’ll wait forever for him, through heaven and waste lands. There’s mistakes on his hands, but he can change and start again.”

The intensity of the music places these lyrics in a dramatic light and communicates a feeling of futility.

“In time, that lie, becomes our life, Thin air, empty promises, Thin air, empty promises.”

Scathing and cathartic, these lyrics are delivered expertly by Gordon. Listeners will love the gritty emotional tone of the song.

“Empty Promises” features an intricate arrangement which elevates the song. Densely layered, each instrument finds its own place in the mix. The result is a highly impactful sound which is huge and enjoyable. An acoustic guitar pattern initially carries the song but passes the torch to an increasingly full sound as the song progresses. Expressive guitar solos and vocal octave doubling help to build dynamics from beginning to end on this track. The use of stop time during choruses is brilliant.

"Empty Promises” is an extremely well-crafted song that will win you over instantly…a beautiful work of art.


About Tanner Gordon Tanner Gordon is a Singer/Songwriter from Edmonton, AB. In 2021, Tanner will be bringing it all back to where it started. The new album features Tanner’s signature melancholy lyrics and brooding acoustic undertones. At the same time “Start Again” pushes Tanner to new depths vocally, lyrically, musically, and stylistically. Pushing new boundaries and challenging the listener to think of their memories and how time shapes who we are. Since his debut album in 2008, Tanner has gone on to perform over 250 shows across Canada. Tanner has been the frontman of “The Unfortunates” since 2009, releasing 4 albums, completed a National Tour, named Sonic Band of the Month, and in 2020 winning “W.A.M Album Of The Year” Learn more on Tanner's Website Follow on Instagram Connect on Facebook


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