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Terrorists Of Romance - 'Feel Alive'

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

Terrorists Of Romance is the project of Vanessa Salvi, which was originally the title of a song written years ago by the artist. Vanessa Salvi, composer and performer, of Italian-Norwegian descent, is the creator of this musical project composed of Pol Barberán (piano), Kiko Ujaque (bass), Nito Sánchez (drums) and Francisco Pesich (guitar). Their songs cover different music styles, but all of them follow a common thread: alternative rock. Her album After You Left (2019) is dedicated to her father who passed away in 2010. This work includes 11 songs that make up an anthology in which she reveals some of her life stories with a touch of ironic romanticism in the form of letters to her father. Her song, "Feel Alive", is a song that uplifts the spirit during tough times.

“Feel Alive” begins with an exciting, pulsing drum beat and a hook in the keys part. After a brief intro, the vocals by Vanessa Salvi enter with the first verse. Salvi's vocals are pristine and well-articulated as she expressively tells the story.

The bass joins in halfway, playing whole notes as the song begins to build and crescendo into the second verse. As the groove solidifies between the drums and bass, the guitar to enters. A sudden cutoff at the end of the second verse makes the chorus hit with maximum impact on the listener. "She will make you feel alive She will make you feel alive Make you feel alive Make you feel alive She will make you feel alive." Following the chorus, an instrumental break, led by the guitar takes over. Keeping the track ever-engaging, a cool tremelo ear candy part is added before the song goes into a halftime feel, changing the character and mood of the song. The song ends with one final chorus.

The lyrics in “Feel Alive” were written to remind a friend of Salvi’s who was going through a rough patch of what a special person she is. In the song, Salvi sings about how her friend “won’t let you see why but will make you feel alive.” She then goes on to elaborate by describing how her friend “has stars in her eyes” and how “she will listen to your lies but will only be real wise."

“Feel Alive” by Terrorists of Romance is well written song that showcases a band with impeccable taste and extensive talent. Salvi, joined by Pol Barberán on piano, Kiko Ujaque on bass, Nito Sánchez on drums, and Francisco Pesich on guitar, form a cohesive musical unit that is a force to be reckoned with. Their outstanding musicianship has allowed them to create an arrangement that effectively serves a memorable melody and lyric. Shout out to Manuel Colmenero on a fantastic production.

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