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The Artist ElJay - 'Drip’n'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

“Drip’n”, from the album Champion by The Artist ElJay, will have you poppin’ bottles in the club and yearning to live the lush life.

The Latin influenced rhythms and booming sub-bass introduce ElJay's sharp-shooting vocals commence on the first verse with,"I Make a stack then I spend it. White gold, I’m up in it. Waited a decade to get it .That let you know a niggas winning."

As the beat drops, the bass and rapid hit-hat and trap beat intensify. The chorus arrives packing a punch as the throbbing beat picks up and the double effect on the vocals come in strong. Producer “Jo Blaq” Macklin incorporated tight sonic rhythms, smooth synthesized melodies, and stylish effects on the vocals, creating a unique resonance, giving the song a pristine and vital sound.

Having "ice", expensive-looking jewelry, indicates that you have money. "Drip'n" is affirming the abundance of diamonds and jewels as an expression of wealth and financial freedom. But the price to obtain these exquisite jewels is in blood as ElJay iterates in verse 2:

Signed my name in blood ,not once but twice. Got these links around my wrist. Shine the lights back when I raise my fist. It's Dripping ice, dripping ice." "Drip'n" is a vivacious and lush song that depicts the image of being a champion. Everyone's idea of success is different, and drip'n in diamonds and various jewels, is symbolic of making it to the top, like the song says:“I’m drip dripping. Drip, drip, dripping ice. Won’t catch me slipping Diamonds, On my wrist shining looking nice.”

The Artiste ElJay has an extraordinary and inventive artistry and style. His sound is distinct, from his use of electronic and synth effects to popping poly and Latin rhythms. "Drip'n" features ElJay's fresh and plush rap flow, killer vocal arrangement, and dynamic trap style. He has a paramount of skills and ideas lyrically and musically that manifest a luscious sound. ElJay is "Drip'n" in skill, sound, and style.

About The Artist ElJay

ElJay Williams Jr. (Born December 18th, 1983), aka El-Jay or The Artist ElJay, is an American singer, song-writer, writer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and actor. Born the son of Veronica M. Ashley and El-Jay Williams Sr., The Artist ElJay is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. Loyal to his roots, he draws from his experiences giving fans, worldwide, music they can relate to. In late 2018, The Artist ElJay created his first full EP titled Melody. Currently, he has released his hot new EP, Champion.


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