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The Connecting Dots - “In The Movies”

Review by Daniel Deprè

“In The Movies” is a very empathetic and warm song. In the midst of the synth pads and washy effects is a feeling of love. The glistening synths help give this song a very strong sense of atmosphere, one that lends itself beautifully to a cinematic mood. With driving rhythmic instruments, sweet and confident vocals, and impeccable synth beds, this song will carry you through the night.

The lyrics of “In The Movies” are very poetic and meaningful. Singer and keyboardist Helena Sundstrom is singing about the wonderful experience of being with someone who makes every day better. The lyrics have an infectious sense of love and warmth within them. “You’re a humming tune I always reminisce, you’re the rattling thunder of that first kiss”. The lyrics also lean into the cinematic vibe with creative imagination. “Wanna lay you down like they do in the movies, shooting off of the ground like they do in the movies”.

The arrangement calls upon the classic sound of 80’s synth-pop and Shoegaze music. The songs driving force comes from the bass and drums, holding a simple but poignant rhythm. Guitars are mixed more upfront which allows them to stick out more above the ambient synth pads. This aids them in being a strong voice to support Helena Sundstrom’s vocals. She sings with a gentle tone that is both misty and poised. To wrap the song up they throw in a short but sweet outro that lets the instrumental section of the band jam for a bit, showing off their strong sense of groove.

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About Connecting the Dots

The Connecting Dots are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and the core of the band consists of singer Helena Sundstrom and guitarist Johan Borg. Despite having known each other for a long time and being involved in different musical projects during the years, it wasn't until last year (2020) the idea of doing something together came to mind.

The ten songs on debut album "Oblivious Beat" were written and recorded in a short period of time, in aim to keep some kind of spontaneity and not overdo or over-think anything. This way it really became an album of songs that fit together from start to end, rather than one or two hits surrounded by fillers...


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