• Bryon Harris

The Galaxies - 'Baby I Believe'

“Baby I Believe” is an enchanting, driving rock song with a killer hook and a fun vibe. The Galaxies achieve a classic “garage band” sound on this track, establishing the perfect emotional tone for this uplifting gem. This is music that smiles. A dynamic lead vocal soars over the music with impactful, memorable melodies while the band is pocket perfection.

Lyrically, “Baby I Believe” is a love song in the purest sense. “All I want is standing there before me, when I look in your eyes, Baby I Believe.” A sincere vocal delivery makes these lyrics pop out of your speakers. “Where you are, I will always be, Tell me yours, and I will tell you my dreams.” The Galaxies establish their message and reinforce it with a phenomenal musical accompaniment.

The arrangement of “Baby I Believe” is a masterclass in rhythm section ornamentation. Perfectly timed back-up vocals, rhythmic hits, and guitar riffs elevate the song and make listeners fall in love with this undeniably catchy and endearing song. “Baby I Believe” is the kind of song that makes you want to learn all of the words and sing along while shredding air guitar. A total winner.

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About The Galaxies

The Galaxies are a San Fernando Valley, CA based power pop band. Bobby Cox on vocals and guitar, Sherrycat-Kitten Haffenden-Behren on vocals and guitar, Jeff Higa on vocals and bass, and Lon Rozelle on vocals and drums.

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