• Bryon Harris

The HellenBacks - 'Pleasant Doom'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

"Pleasant Doom" is intelligent, well-constructed, top-notch rock. The band is raging on this track, and the vocal melody is virtuosic. Punchy guitar riffs establish an engaging momentum while dynamic drumming provides rhythmic intricacies that serve the song. The conversational nature of guitar layering, and the depth of sound achieved by the use of back-vocals elevate the music and create a feeling of exuberance. An engaging chorus and driving verses make this song impossible to resist.

Lyrically, "Pleasant Doom" tells a tale of resilience and growth in the face of toxic relationships. “Cut and bruised from broken parts of you, So long to love goodbye my pleasant doom.” The charismatic delivery of these lyrics injects them with life, while the uplifting sound of the band creates a feeling of strength. “I sense some darkness creeping, I should be leaving.” The emotional tone of the music meshes with these sentiments fantastically.

The overall sound of "Pleasant Doom" is serious while remaining fun. This song exhibits quality from every angle. Production values are top notch, with each instrument sitting in its own space within the mix. An impressively talented rhythm section delivers intricate embellishments while firmly supporting the spirit of the song. A fantastic guitar solo and a crushing vocal push the song over the edge. "Pleasant Doom" is unbelievably well done.


About The HellenBacks The Hellenbacks are a dynamic band that delivers premium Rock N’ Roll, formed by lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Jimmie Romero. Rising up out of Las Vegas this super group came together in 2016. Alongside Jimmie the Hellenbacks are lead guitarist, Doc Ellis(Love Hate and Ratt) and drummer, Al Serrato(Jet Boy).

From the moment this group came together, they hit the ground running. In May of 2017, they had great success with their first debut LP release of Vampires in the Desert, with a surprising feature in Vintage Guitar Magazine.

“The Skillful guitar machinations of Ellis and Romero provide a powerful blend of roosty virtuosity and feel throughout. The Hellenbacks’ music is familiar without being derivative, and will find longtime residence on your playlist.”

Oscar Jordan Vintage Guitar CD review

The Hellenbacks have started their own Rock revolution. The band breathes life back into a genre that’s been missing for way too long. In todays industry of over processed music, they hit you with pure gritty, bluesy Rock. The Hellenbacks deliver heavy groove with lyrics that resuscitate your soul.


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