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The High Plain Drifters - 'Summer Girl'

The High Plains Drifters – 'Summer Girl'

The High Plains Drifters are a band of seasoned musicians that was founded in New York City by lead singer/songwriter Larry Studnicky. Their self-titled debut album was praised for its effortless merging of musical genres highlighted by feel-good rhythms, catchy melodies, and stellar musicianship that drew comparisons to the works of Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Simon & Garfunkel. In the words of Celeb Secrets Country, The High Plains Drifters, with their "broad range of musical inspirations", are "the melting pot that the genre of Americana has been waiting for.

“Summer Girl” by the High Plains Drifters is a fun, summer love song that is sure to leave a lasting impression. As it opens, the bending drone of a crunchy electric guitar is met by the delicate beating of a hand drum that instantly transports you to an island resort. A bed of rhythmic acoustic guitar pedals chords while accents of calypso motifs bring out those summer vibes. Nostalgic background vocals add to the song's charm.

As Larry enters for the first with his rich Johnny Cash inspired vocals, what seems to be the start of a love story turns into something a bit different as the story unfolds singing,

“I met a summer girl with hair full of ocean curls, but I knew she wouldn’t last me too long. She said if I took a chance that maybe we’d grab a dance and it might even last a whole song. But she went to the lady’s room and she didn’t come back soon so I looked for her all over the bar. I ran outside to fetch her but I never did catch her 'cause shed taken the keys to my car.”

The lyric writing is clever and witty.Each verse tells a new summer story of a summer fling gone wrong that seamlessly transitions into the chorus that end with, “I’ve got those end of the summer I got poor and dumber blues.”

For every guy whose been duped by a 'Summer Girl', this one is for you. With an engaging arrangement that draws you in through dynamic percussion, feel-good island motifs, and light vocal harmonies, “Summer Girl” is a unique and fun summer jam that you won’t soon forget.

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