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The Independent Sound - 'I Feel Like I'm Missing'

Review by Nico Low

“I Feel Like I’m Missing” is the smoothest tune that will make you dance the summer nights away. With notes of R&B and EDM, the song’s strength lies in its rhythmic complexity while maintaining a familiar connection to the listener. The guitar work in the intro and throughout the rest of the piece is masterful. The melodic hook of the guitar stands out as a great piece of writing that got me hooked. The four-on-the-floor kick pattern and synth elements have a house music influence that adds a fantastic flavor to the track. The vocal performance enhances that vibe; the choppiness hits me with an ethereal feeling that sets the tone of the song. The percussion and instrumental breakdown at the end was unexpected and hit it out of the park. It had me on my feet and dancing!

The vocal performance has a carefree feeling that adds so much to the vibe. The choppiness of the vocal adds a unique element without sacrificing any of the smoothness of the track. The vocal harmonies that occasionally enter are subtle but would be missed if excluded showing the skill of the vocal arrangement. The lyrics are perfectly set in the vibe as well.

The opening line, “Summer time in the city,” sets up the premise of the main point of view character and some of the things they may miss in their past. The main hook, “I feel like I’m missin my mother, feel like I’m missin my brother, feel like I’m missin my father, always.” really connected me to the nostalgic feel. It allows the listener to express this more complex feeling with a fun dance song.

“I Feel Like I’m Missing” has catchy lyrics, smooth guitar, outstanding vocal performance, and danceability that certainly make this a song to add to any summer playlist. The arrangement evolves throughout the song, with each new section catching your ear in a new and fresh way. This song will keep you moving every time you go back to listen!


About the Independent Sound

The Independent Sound is a Canadian inventor, technical designer, composer, arranger, prodigious drummer and multi-instrumentalist, poet, scenographer, pattern engineer, applied mathematician, systems engineer, and autodidactic polymath. Throughout their music career, they've placed a heavy emphasis on collaboration with other artists, lending the definitive style of The Independent Sound to a diverse roster of collaborators as well as solo works.

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