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The Iveys - 'Once An Eagle'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

A wild group of siblings born and raised in Texas, The Iveys have been making music together since childhood. Inspired by artists like The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, as well as soulful legends like Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. The Iveys music grew into an Americana style strengthened by stellar harmonies and infused with a signature vibe of indie honesty such as that felt with the music of The Avett Brothers, First Aid Kit, and  The Lumineers. The Iveys have played over five hundred concerts across the states. In tandem with their live performances, they have recorded several records over the years, working with such talents as Latin Grammy Award winner Justin J. Leeah, as well as collaborating with such respected names in the music industry as producer Mario Caldato Jr. (producer for The Beastie Boys and Beck), Blues artist Johnny Rawls, and the famed rock performers of Moderatto. Their latest song, "Once An Eagle" is an up-tempo, spirit lifting song with a dazzling arrangement that will captivate you from start to finish. Opening the song, a bouncy guitar motif accompanied by a four to the floor, pulsing kick drum immediately kick things off as they begin to tell the story of an eagle without a wing that finds a magic carpet and flies through the air above the people who live below.

With each passing vocal phrase, sweet vocal harmonies become more prominent until they boast a rich and tight three-part harmony that is candy for your ears. The lyrics to "Once an Eagle" are about reaching for your goals despite the obstacles. The eagle is a symbol of hope and inspiration to those down below who see him soar. As they sing the words, “down below,” the arrangement fills in with a thick bass line, nimble bluegrass fiddle, and a droning harmonic structure that helps the chorus bloom.

“Fly magic carpet, fly, take that eagle everywhere. If I could find my pair of wings, we would never leave the air. Fly magic carpet, fly, take that eagle everywhere. If I could find my pair of wings, maybe I would meet you there.”

The Iveys display an undeniable musical chemistry that shines with authenticity and originality. From their uplifting lyrics, to the jubilant timbre of the instrumental arrangement and the beautifully lush harmonies, The Ivey’s “Once an Eagle” is a record you can listen to over and over again and feel happier each time.

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