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The LJC Project - 'She’s My'

The LJC Project has evolved over many years. The project is the vision and creation of Larry Campanella. Campanella has an extensive background in writing, recording and performing original and cover music In addition to heading up The LJC Project, Campanella also plays in a cover band called "HITSQUAD" and has been a member of some notable acts such as "Whitefoxx" and the Van Halen tribute band "Skeleton Crew." His playing can be found on a release with "Stone" and on 3 releases with "Next Stop Earth." The idea of The LJC Project is to be a collective with guest musicians. Off his new album, What They Say, Campanella moves musical and emotional mountains with his hard-rock love song, "She's My."

The LJC Project's song “She’s My” is a rock ballad with a vibe reminiscent of great 80's rock n' roll - it's the kind of sound that can fill a stadium and get your hands in the air. The intro starts with Van Halen inspired guitar work and crisp drums. The drums and bass are locked in, creating a consistent groove that draws you in. There is a massive guitar solo that hits all the beats perfectly and soars. Larry Campanella has fantastic guitar chops. He engineered, wrote, and mastered the entire song which sounds clean. The whole arrangement has you bopping your head. The drums play heavy hits and riffs throughout the song, creating a clear and dynamic sound that keeps the music's intensity moving forward. The vocals are filled with passionate expression. Campanella wrote “She’s My” in dedication to his wife. The lyrics are truly heartfelt.

“She’s My when I’m feelin helpless, and I can’t carry on,”

Lyrics and music that express how you feel about someone you love can be hard to pull off. Campanella does a remarkable job. The song is authentic and genuine. As he sings, “Never knew a better one, this time, I got it right, said there’s never been a better one, hangin on, hangin on tight,” then the chorus goes comes in, “She’s my baby, she’s my lady, she’s my woman, she’s my world.” As a listener, I just melted. The lyrics are classy and timeless.

The instrumentation and lyrics come together so masterfully. The LJC Project performed all of the instrumentation in “She’s My,” making him an adaptable musician and overall gifted artist.

When there is a profound message of love and commitment in a song that melts a listeners heart, is speaks volumes. Campanella created from his heart, and you can hear how admirable and loving this song is. In the end, music is emotion if it is done well. In addition, there is no doubt that he is a marvelous and experienced guitarist. His solo in this song is killer, and there are levels to his arrangement that will keep you on your feet. In "She's My," The LJC Project displays amazing musicality, expressive and passionate vocals, timeless and genuine lyrics, and the power to convey a precious message with hard-rock class and soul.

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