• Bryon Harris

The Shrubs - 'Always Thinking'

The Shrubs have made a strong re-emergence with their latest single, "Always Thinking." "Always Thinking" is an energetic, catchy song about being fixated on a relationship that is over. The theme/lyrics are universal as everyone has been in that place where your mind is spinning with thoughts of the person you are no longer with.

"Bad days, well I've had a few. I'm tired of feeling so blue. I'm always thinking about you."

Musically, the song's arrangement is fantastic. Starting with swirly contemplative electric guitar riffs that paint a musical picture of a racing mind, the song moves forward while venturing into different territories/genres. This 3-piece band utilizes edgy rhythm guitar, crisp drumming and walking bass to create a great classic-punk-pop-rock jam that comes with occasional detours that include impressive guitar solos, engaging interludes and well-written bridges. But the chorus is where this song really grabs you. You will be joining Carl after the first round of' "I'm always thinking about you" which, ironically, gets stuck in your head.

In addition to their new single, you can check out their full album titled 'Another Day Goes By.' The 9-song album is full of substance that will engage your ears and your mind. One of the singles off the album, "What You Do To Me," is noteworthy for it's vocal and instrumental intensity. The percussion keeps the energy in full gear from beginning to end. Carl's vocals take on a radio-ready pop-rock sound. Tasteful and slick guitar solo work will please rock fans while intentional and well-placed rhythmic change-ups will engage fans of alternative rock. When it comes to combining rock genres, The Shrubs do a stellar job.

"And the sky falls but through it all, it just won't change what you do to me. When I hit the wall and you don't call, it still won''t change what you do to me. "

Another sample off the album is the upbeat song titled "Keep on Runnin.'" This is the kind of song that invites you to crank up the volume and dance - it has a fun attitude and the melodic content is highly memorable.

"Yeah you keep on running back to me. It might take some time for you to see, to see that this was meant to be..."

If you are looking for a band that can give you pop-rock with an engaging indie-alternative sound, check out The Shrubs. You won't find this kind of sound on sugar pop, commercial radio. The Shrubs are making rock the way it used to be - they keep it tight; they know when to break lose; they take risks; and they can write a great hook!

For more information on The Shrubs, please visit their website. Listen to The Shrubs on Spotify.