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The Sugarland Express - 'What’s the Matter (with the music)'

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“What’s the Matter (with the music)” is a bouncy, engaging piece of music with killer sounds. A rich sonic landscape supports a beautiful vocal melody in this psychedelic song. The overall vibe of the song is uplifting and joyful. Expressive production values give the music a strong identity, simultaneously harkening back to classic recordings and living firmly in the modern day. Brilliance in composition and arrangement is on full display. Listeners will be amazed at how light-feeling the music is while presenting so many different textures.

Lyrically, “What’s the Matter (with the music)” takes aim at lackluster and uninspired section of the modern music industry.

“What’s the matter with the music baby, Time takes it tole, It’s sink or swim but the losers win, Just give me time to find my boat.”

These satirical lyrics are delivered with a quiet confidence. The lyrics also present a light at the end of the tunnel:

“I can almost taste it, The start of a revolution, I know that it's right, We all gotta fight for love.”

These lyrics match the emotional tone of the music perfectly.

The arrangement of “What’s the Matter (with the music)” is fantastic. Well produced percussion and electric keyboard grooves drive the music, while interesting synth layers add depth and character.

The vocal tracks seem to float peacefully over the music. A well-written chorus, an acoustic guitar solo, and a “late in the game” bridge elevate the song. This is a piece of music that occupies a very specific artistic space and expertly explores possibilities. “What’s the Matter (with the music)” is a wonderful work of art…the kind of song you could listen to 10 times and still be hearing fresh ideas.


About Sugarland Express

From the Emerald City Sydney lives sunshine-psychedelic duo, The Sugarland Express. After playing together for 4 years, Alex Carlo-Stella and Liam Robson began writing songs based on their love for a forgotten time. At the cusp of this decade’s psychedelic renaissance, The Sugarland Express are set to release their debut single; What's the Matter (With the Music). Oozing in a rainbow swirl, the track explores the state of music at present, the boys love for a bygone era, and a dream for a musical revolution.

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