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The Unfortunates – ‘Don’t Speak’

Review By Matt Wong & Staff

The Unfortunates are a five-piece, high energy, alternative rock band from Edmonton, Alberta. Members include Tanner Gordon (Vocals/Guitar), Bryce Thornton (Guitar) Tim Plamondon (Bass) and Brendan McGonigle (Drums). Performing for over 10 years, with 4 albums released, The Unfortunates are an extraordinary band and a must add to your playlist.

“Don’t Speak” begins with an electric guitar playing a hook that outlines the chords, and creates a calm and peaceful vibe by letting the notes ring together. Tanner Gordon’s radio-ready vocals enter on the first along with Brendan McGonigle on drums, whose tight groove provides a nice feeling of motion to the song.

Another guitar enters after the first verse playing another hook with a pleasant use of delay that counters the original guitar part, in addition to the bass, which gives the song a sense of grounding and foundation. Written by Tanner Gordon and produced by Stew Kirkwood, the arrangement is very well-conceived.

With the second verse, the band shows off their musical ability with the guitars painting interesting parts that work together on top of the strong groove without getting in the way of the vocal. This is a great build up towards the chorus, where the band goes for it, and allows the chorus to bloom and open up. Listeners can hear under an outstanding vocal performance, a nice, crunchy guitar part laying down a sonic foundation with downbeat chords, another guitar part playing arpeggiated 8th notes, and also strong and hard hitting bass and drums that are just locked in and all together a pleasure to listen to.

In addition to its mouth watering instrumental parts, “Don’t Speak” also has well written lyrics. The band wrote the song in remembrance of the people that they have lost that are looking over them. The band hopes that these people are doing well, happy and at peace. The chorus lyric, “If you’re doing alright now, shine a little light down” captures this feeling.

If there is a band that can separate itself and stand out from the noise, it’s The Unfortunates. Their song “Don’t Speak” is well written, well performed, and well produced, and simply a fantastic example of excellent music making. With this song, the band shows listeners that they can write good songs, they are extremely well versed on their instruments, and they are intelligent musicians that can come up with creative and unique parts to their songs. They have the complete package, and listeners need to get hip to this band immediately, or they will miss out. For more information on The Unfortunates, please visit their website.

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