• Bryon Harris

The Union of Sinners & Saints - 'Lone Soldier'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

Go ahead and open your lighters and hold them as high above your head as you can; “Lone Soldier” is a beautiful anthem. Right from the start it’s incredibly sweet and serene, with just the right amount of a classic rock vibe mixed in. Primarily “Lone Soldier” is a piano ballad, but there is a strong rock sound that really shows itself in the chorus. There is a fiery presence that this song commands and it’s really infectiously uplifting. “Lone Soldier” is quite epic and it would be such a blast to experience live, singing along with the band and a full crowd.

Lyrically, there is a heavy weight to the words, yet they are instilled with a sense of hope. The verses are written from the point of view of someone who is coming home after long road traveled alone. “Hello father, good to be back home, hello father, cause I’ve been on my own, and it’s been hard, walking this by myself, this lonely road, seems so cold.” Here, the word father could be one's paternal father, but it feels more like a return to faith, acknowledging that one is never truly alone. The chorus then offers a helping hand to the struggling point of view in the verses with memorable lyrics. Don’t turn away, don’t toss the whole bottle lone soldier, cause it ain’t over, till you find what is there for you, don’t think your done because voices say it’s over.”

The arrangement brings the classic rock setup back to roaring life and it feels amazing. Piano is the core of the arrangement. But grooving guitars, bass guitar, and heavy drums bring “Lone Soldier” to the next level. The drums are so thick and warm, they really provide an incredibly strong foundation for the rest of the instruments to work off of. The two guitars are properly panned separately to the left and right of the stereo field, each creating interesting licks that further color in “Lone Soldier”. The vocals are so powerful, with a dirty rasp to them that brings to mind bands like Shinedown and ACDC. “Lone Soldier” is an inspiring anthem that will have you shedding tears of joy while singing along whole heartedly.

About The Union of Sinners & Saints

With over 15 million in album sales, 27 #1 Songs, and fifteen Grammy nominations between them, John Schlitt of Petra and Billy Smiley of WhiteHeart, the top 2 Christian Rock groups of all time, always seems to have something going on. It is that constant motion and creative diversity that has fueled their latest project, The Union of Sinners and Saints, a smashup of Petra and WhiteHeart on the road and in the studio.

The 1st release to radio in June was the #1 Song Independence Day, and their new singles “Old Guys Rule”(Rock), and “Rise Up”(Pop/AC), are shooting up the charts and playing across the nation in the spring of 2018. These guys are set to perform classic #1 Songs of Petra and WhiteHeart like The Coloring Song, The River Will Flow, Just Reach Out, Desert Rose, plus new album favorites Old Guys Rule, Lone Soldier, and the #1 song Beyond Belief.


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