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The Vignatis - 'Third Eye'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

"Third Eye", written by Fabrice Vignati and Tracy Vignati, starts with a twenty-second intro that sounds like a movie. The song opens with a scratchy radio sound, like an old-school CB radio or ground system, with two military guys (perhaps soldiers) sending warning messages over the intercom. "Copy that!" Soon you hear marching boots in 4/4, a siren in the background, and a battle trumpet.

Then, as suddenly as a bomb goes off, the landscape changes to an energetic and tuneful tribute played on the clarinet, accompanied by syncopated, staccato guitar comping on the upbeat, and a dance beat. Along with this explosion of sound, some nostalgic 1940's be-bap's, in a doo-wop style, scat with the band. The vibe is World War II big band with a modern electronic beat, a sound that The Vignatis call "Electrobilly." This "Electrobilly" is a hybrid of Rockabilly, Gypsy, Jazz and Country ("Gypsybilly") plus new-school electronic beats. When it comes to originality, The Vignatis are in a class of their own.

As the comping and electronic beats move forward the first verse enters to a light marching beat. "In this world of danger lurking. Here to take a stand. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, give their lives to this land." Tracy sings the first rapid verse with amazing diction and clarity as she honors our military. A full orchestration of sound buzzes around her with popping beats, running clarinet motifs that slide in and out and around the phrases, and comping on the upbeats; the song has an intensity that drives forward with a sense of urgency. By the second verse, Fabrice joins her. His voice has a natural, jazzy and big band sound. The two singers sound fabulous together, each voice fully engaged in their Gypsybilly style.

"The Army and the Navy and the Vigilant Marines

United States Air Force Flying F-15's

Aiming High, Semper Fi, They're standing by

North, South, East and West, 365, Brave is Our Third Eye."

An instrumental interlude after the chorus followed by several solos display the duo's musical chops with stunning and tasteful musicianship. All the while, instrumental riffs fly through the mix like speedy military jets. More than their instrumental prowess, listeners will be drawn to the duo's strong sense of melody. As the song moves forward, rhythmic change-ups keep listeners on the edge of their seats. The song ends with more nostalgic background singing, some marching, and voices chanting, "Left, Right Left, Left, Left. Left, Right, Left."

Get The Vignatis on our military bases for some inspiring performances around the world because this song nails it! While paying homage to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, with lyrics like "Whether in air, land or sea, shielding peril in formation by the creed, Duty to us all.", The Vignatis have created something extraordinary. Without ever diminishing the danger and the sacrificial duty of our military, the duo pays homage and respect while creating music that manages to be upbeat and danceable, nostalgic for our Veterans, modern for our young men and women currently serving, and intense and driven like the men and women who serve us. Bravo.


About The Vignatis

What happens when you mix the passion for Rockabilly and Gypsy music with the love for Jazz and Country music? You get a whole new genre called "Gypsybilly", add some beats and you get "Electrobilly". The Vignatis have been rockin’ their Gypsybilly style for 4 albums. The aurally and visually colorful Los Angeles-based group’s dynamic performances charter audiences on a journey from nostalgic times to the unknown future. They innovatively fuse American/European traditions, musicianship, and a sense of humor cleverly expressed in their songs. Their unmistakable, neo-nostalgic sound is a natural musical union so diverse it avoids strict categorization.

As prestigious voting members of The Recording Academy and Grammy Awards, The Vignatis have performed at many esteemed events and venues including The Grammy Museum, Emmy Awards Parties, and as the opening band for the renowned swing band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Music is their lifestyle. Their goal is to share Gypsybilly with the world by passing on to others the same joy they receive in creating it. Whether paying homage to their great musical influences or exploring the future, The Vignatis continue to blend the old continent, Europe with the new continent, America from studio to stage.

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