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The Voodoo Kings - 'Eyes on You'

Review by Pat Joseph & Staff

The Voodoo Kings "Eyes on You" is complex and dense in its arrangement, carrying tons of energy like a freight train. Timeless rock and roll vibes are everywhere on this song that also features brilliant songwriting and arranging techniques. Listeners will fall in love with the emotion of the music and then become entranced by the musically mature harmonic developments. The swagger this band brings to the table makes them a true musical force.

Lyrically, “Eyes on You” tells a tale of a complex and conflicted relationship. “And when you there’s no love in your eyes, Baby now I find it’s all so true.” There is something about the delivery of these lyrics that turn a painful subject into something that can easily be endured and overcome. “Another fate for me, Just a little hate you’ll see, a broken smile that brings me to my knees.” The powerful feeling of the music is intoxicating, and the catchy melodies will have you singing along.

The Voodoo Kings demonstrate the ability to do so many things at a supreme level on this song. Guitar melodies are inventive and crisp. Vocals are strong and confident while also communicating a sensitivity to the song’s message. The rhythm section is bouncy and energetic, creating a forward momentum which keeps the song moving. The songwriting is inspired…each arrangement decision seems to wisely contribute to a better and better song. Listeners will enjoy “Eyes on You” more and more as the song evolves.

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About Voodoo Kings

One of the last of the analog kids, Michael Kranicke founder of the VOODOO KINGS, grew up when listening to music meant vinyl or the radio; feeding on rock n roll and blues that had harmony and melody, honing songwriting skills and leading bands as he learned guitar. Breathing this music with hundreds of shows, the VOODOO KINGS have experienced many wonderful moments, applause, laughter, smiles, and critical praise. “Its all about the song and stripping down the music and getting down to rock n roll.” says Michael. With the newest release Faith & Whiskey, the VOODOO KINGS demonstrate their unique take on the consummate rock n roll song. From the Beatles-esque opener of “Eyes on You” to the roots laden sound of “Lonely Street”, the band demonstrates their effective blend of rock Americana.

The VOODOO KINGS, with their guitar driven lineup and sustained by their uncompromising passion for the song, the first chord, the girls, and for the rush, invite you on their musical journey. Come join the adventure.


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