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TL Jones - 'Sugar'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Sugar” is an undeniable, beautiful, soulful musical contribution. Harmonic motion in this song is inspired and fresh. A classic soul sound is given new life through Jones’ inspired delivery and a fantastically constructed instrumental track. Jones’s melody skates delicately over the top of this music. The overall sound is relaxed but energetic, making it irresistible.

Lyrically, “Sugar” is poetic and romantic. “Gravity is obsolete, A high that just can’t be compared.” Listeners will be reminded of that poignant feeling of surrender to true love. “Loving you makes me feel complete, Diabetic shock cause your sugar runs deep.” Clever and uplifting, these lyrics are delivered with sincere passion, making them even more effective.

“Sugar,” as its title suggests, is a sweet and decadent treat. Classic R&B arrangement techniques are utilized to create a timeless feel. Drum programming is intricate and bold, reminiscent of pioneers of the genre. Instrumental contributions are subtle and mature. Electric keyboard, guitar and organ melodies elevate the song. Jones’s vocals sit confidently in the mix. She delivers this song with an impressively controlled passion. Listeners will be powerless to resist the sweet sounds of “Sugar.” Follow on Instagram

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About TL Jones It all started with a book. After writing her first book and being published by a publisher she was over the moon. During her time as an author she was invited to multiple events. It was during these events that she started to connect with Artist and offer her services as a songwriter and manager. She was very successful in both capacities, so much so that she submitted music to a major label to be considered as a songwriter. She was denied saying that none of the songs that she submitted was a hit. Determined to prove them wrong, TL Jones then became an artist. To her surprise, she was welcomes with big arms. TL Jones is a single mother who writes all of her music as well as music for others. She has published four books and has over twenty five songs she has released in just a little under three years. She also been a co-host of talk shows, has had her own talk show at one point, and writes a blog. TL Jones is what you call a jack of all spades. There is nothing that she cannot do. For more information about TL Jones, please visit her website.


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