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Todd Barrow - 'Broken Guitar Man'

Todd Barrow's latest single, "Broken Guitar Man" is one of the stellar songs found on "Keepin' It Country, Vol. One,' by Various Artists. The compilation album features the best independent artists in country music today. Todd is a 2017 Akademia Award winner for Best Country Album and a recipient of a 2016 PRSA Award of Excellence. He has headlined at John Schneider's Bo's Extravaganza along with other extraordinary artists including: Kix Brooks, Paul Overstreet, Lu Lu Roman, Cody Mccarver, John Schneider and Tom Wopat. He has appeared on stage with Country Music Star, Jack Ingram. Todd has been on television's Good Morning Texas with Jerry Matheny and he was featured on the PBS TV show "Texas Music Café.

In "Broken Guitar Man" the first thing that will capture your attention is Todd's guitar playing. Todd has one of the cleanest, brightest and pure finger-picking guitar sounds that I've heard. In the mix, every note plucked is present in it's due time. Todd is an extraordinary guitarist and being able to hear the guitar and it's finger-picking embellishments so clearly is a real treat for the ears. The arrangement also include gorgeous fiddle and guitar solos that cry along with the sentiment of the song.

The second treat is Todd's voice. Todd's voice must be from the heaven's because his tone sounds like a gift. His voice is as clear and pure as his guitar playing. In "Broken Guitar Man" Todd sings about demons. The demons are not the literally kind with red ears and red tails - these demons are more along the lines of self-judgement and consuming regret that haunt the broken guitar man at the end of his journey. The demons can be merciless, but peace can be found.

"The demons fill his night at the end of his ride nothing left to say he danced his best years. Now the fiddlers walking to him, holdin out his empty hand ,you think he'd show some mercy on the broken guitar man."

In "Broken Guitar Man," Todd Barrow sings and plays brokenness with all the tenderness of a man who carries a broken heart, capturing the true essence of those demons he sings about- regret, redemption and resolution. It's a beautiful song that will move you. And if you are a musician on the road, there's problem a little bit of this broken guitar man running through your soul - it's the brokeness that, at times, makes the music great.

Todd Barrow's single, "Broken Guitar Man," can be found on BWH Music Group's "Keepin' It Country, Vol. One."

For more information on Todd Barrow, please visit his on BWH Music Group artist profile page . There you will find links to Todd's website, social media and more.

For more information on 'Keepin' It Country, Vol. One' by Various Artists, please visit the album release page.

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