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Tony Oso – ‘Going Down’

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Going Down” is an addictive rock song by Tony Oso. From the first notes, this song screams of rock with lots of energy. Beginning with a partial chorus, with Oso’s intense vocals, the band marks out the downbeats, building up tension. The song then proceeds into the first verse, and a hard hitting rock groove begins.

A full chorus, and another verse and chorus follow, with the arrangement remaining fairly consistent allowing the listener to fully participate and get hooked. The listener then gets a brief break to digest the intensity of the music they just listened to with a bass feature, before the song launches into a face melting guitar solo! One last chorus follows, with the guitar continuing to riff ,driving the song to peak energy.

The lyrics behind “Going Down” were inspired by the people that Oso has witnessed getting heavily into drugs, and seeing their lives go down a dark path. He compares drug addiction with “sinking in the ground” and “falling to the ground”

" You've been going down / Sinking in the ground / You've been down / Not a soul around / Nor a dream is found / You've been bound"

With “Going Down,” Oso wants to remind people to look in the mirror and turn their lives around before it is too late.

“Going down” is a song that embodies the spirit of rock music and a message that it's never too late to turn around. The song’s energy and dynamics, along with its meaningful lyrics provide the listener with an intense listening experience. With "Going Down", Tony Oso shows off both his incredible songwriting talent, and his high level performance ability. In "Going Down" Tony proves that music is the best high.


About Tony Oso

For years, Tony Oso played guitar and bass as a solo act and in various bands opening for acts such as the Goo Goo Dolls. His talent was noticed an he was even invited to a primary audition to America's Got Talent. Throughout this time, Tony never took the next step to concentrate his energy on original music. Everything changed when Tony recently suffered a sudden onset of shoulder, neck and back injuries. It gave him the inspiration, like a light shining down on him and the push he needed to write and share his own original original music.

With his new motivation, Tony set himself to learn drums, build a studio, record and produce his own music. Having met these goals, he forged his own sound from his many influences, from the legends of classic rock to modern rock, pop and alternative.

Tony writes about his experiences and emotions, hoping to inspire his listeners with the lessons he has learned. He aims to inspire others to walk an honest path in life. He continues to release singles every month. In less than six months, Tony has been streamed 100,000+ times in over 65 countries around the world!

For more information on Tony Oso, please visit his website.

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