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Tray Milz - "Someone Else's Girl"

Written by Brandon Watts and Staff

Trayron Lennoris Milton Jr., aka Tray Milz, out of Savannah is on his way to becoming a force in the R&B world bringing raw, relatable, and catchy melodies to the masses. The young singer/ songwriter draws his inspiration from the likes of Chris Brown, Usher and Trey Songz. Tray has dabbled in all areas of entertainment from modeling, to film, and being a backup dancer. This 21 year-old prodigy is no stranger to the business.

“Someone Else's Girl” leaves a lasting impression with listeners just after the first listen with top quality production and a powerful hook. Right at the start, listeners are entranced by the sound of an ethereal synth as Tray begins to hype the track with ad libs. A fuzzy sub bass holds down the groove backed by a tight, steady hip-hop beat on drums as Tray Milz graces the track with warm, soulful vocals that swoon listeners.

With a stellar vocal performance, Tray makes every bit of the song as memorable and catchy as a modern pop chorus. As the title may give away, “Someone Else’s Girl” is a song about Tray’s entanglement with someone who is in a relationship and about his apprehension what's going on. In the chorus he sings,

“Think baby we’re moving way too fast / Tell me what I should say when he ask / Pour me some of whatever you had / And hopefully all this guilt won’t last / You’re someone else’s girl / Don’t you know you’re someone else’s girl."

Tray has an undeniable gift for writing stellar melodies and catchy hooks that you’ll want to hear again and again making him an artist who is ready to chart. Running at under 3 minutes, you’ll find yourself forgetting to switch off the repeat. If you are a fan of modern R&B music, you will want to make sure to follow and keep up with the latest on Tray Milz before he blows up. Tray Milz is a 2021 artist to watch.

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