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u-sayne feat. Faye Davison – ‘Tonight’

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Tonight” is an R&B song by u-sayne featuring Faye Davison. The song begins with a nice grove highlighted by a tasteful clarinet solo by Jeff Miguel. Synth, bass, and the beat provide a smooth foundation for Davison's inviting vocal performance.. Davison’s powerful vocals, supported by the laid back groove immediately captures the listener’s attention.

The song’s chorus introduces a beautiful string arrangement which works excellently in conjunction to the existing elements in the overall arrangement. The second verse contains new synth parts that provide fresh sonic elements to pique the listener’s interest. An enchanting instrumental solo features high level playing ability and musical intelligence at it's best.

The lyrics in “Tonight” are about an evening with someone special. It is a romantic love song that exudes love and warmth. It is about feeling safe in someone's tender arms. It is about a love that feels like a "dream come true.

“Tonight, I’m dancing with you. Tonight, you make my dreams come true.”

A stand out lyric in the second verse is,

“I turn, I turn around you. You’re my sun, I feel safe and warm.”

u-sayne is a master craftsman of music and lyrics, as well as an intelligent arranger and producer. The collaboration with Davison, whose vocal abilities are top notch, was perfect for this song.“Tonight” by u-sayne featuring Faye Davison is a masterpiece of songwriting, performance, and music production.


About u-sayne

U-Sayn is a multi talented musician who is currently based in Switzerland. As a producer, songwriter, and composer, he creates an extremely unique sound, with wide ranging influences including R&B, soul, pop, jazz, and funk. Taking his favorite elements of each genre, he synthesizes them all into a sound that only he can make. As a young student, U-Sayn’s first instrument was the piano. He immediately fell in love with the instrument, and dedicated himself to mastering it. Jazz was his specialty.

The passion, expression, and freedom of the genre became a part of his musical DNA. Consumed by creativity, he then turned his attention towards songwriting. Branching out into every different style of pop music, he let all his new influences flow into into an exciting and unique new sound. Now as his professional career begins to blossom, U-Sayn is committed to creating music that feels true to himself, and can also connect with a wide audience. With his inspirational abilities, he is poised to reach listeners all around the world.

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