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Vargen - "To Stockholm From LA"

Review By Patrick Joseph & Staff

If this song was written to express a specific feeling, “To Stockholm From LA” has done its job remarkably well. The wide-open sound of this track makes the listener feel like they’re floating on a breeze over the ocean. A unique and fresh pedal steel timbre and a lively piano sound set the stage for a powerful artistic statement. A duet, the two voices stand alone yet weave together effortlessly. The emotional tone of the song is heavy and mesmerizing.

Lyrically, the song is especially poignant given our social distancing circumstances. A story of loved ones separated during the holidays, “To Stockholm From LA” is sure to be a message close to many hearts. “Glistening snow Candle lights, children chatter Sky crisp and cold every year, same old pattern Sunset’s dressed in fire glow Busy n’ bright as I’m walking through But it doesn’t matter ‘cause all I think about is you.” Lyrical themes of longing are amplified by the intensity of the vocal duet.

“To Stockholm From LA” is undeniably cool. The spacious atmosphere of the song creates an environment where every note is impactful, and all the notes played in this song contribute to a cohesive energy. The artistic nature of the sound creates an emotional depth that allows listeners to feel the songs message. The voices of Vild and Johansson seem to jump right out of the speakers. Listeners will feel totally immersed in “To Stockholm From LA.”


About Vargen

Vargen is the stage and recording name of Swedish singer-songwriter Reine Johansson. His and fellow singer/translator Mia Rosengren's interpretations of Bob Dylan on "Tänk inte efter (Don't Think Twice - Bob Dylan in Swedish)" (2019) and "Love / Leave - 11 Songs of Bob Dylan" (2020) were internationally praised by the Indie press. On the Christmas duet "To Stockholm From L.A.", Vargen teamed up with Swedish folk singer Anna Vild for the artists' first original work in English.

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