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Violet & The Sun – ‘Amaurot’

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

April White is a bandleader, singer-songwriter, piano player and producer-engineer. In private moments of playing the piano and singing, she creates intimate music and lyrics that reflect her experiences and emotions. As if writing a journal of self-discovery and spirit revival, her inner life is brought to life in her eponymous album, Violet and the Sun. Off the album, "Amaurot" is a great way to introduce yourself to Violet & The Sun's artistic gift.

"Amaurot” is a song by ethereal pop band Violet and the Sun. The song begins with a laid back, yet tight beat and piano, followed by April White’s gentle vocals, which enters with the first verse along with bass, and guitar.

What is cool about this song, is that no one instrument sticks out in the arrangement, yet all the parts work together to create a sonic cloud for the melody and vocals to float on. In addition, Violet and the Sun, flexes her musical intelligence with this song by using seamless key changes to propel the arrangement and song form forward.

The lyrics in “Amaurot” were inspired by the movie The Neverending Story and the novel Utopia by Thomas More. Amaurot is the capital city of Utopia, and the song’s lyrics call for listeners to “bring Amaurot back” by looking “where beauty lands.” In addition, Amaurot can be brought back by stopping “the nothingness,” which is a reference to the mission to stop “the nothing” in The Neverending Story.

"Child of the future, You have a heart of gold / What you imagine now is what will matter most / Child of the future stop the nothingness / Look where beauty lands to bring Amaurot back.

"Amaurot” by Violet and the Sun is a highly creative and well performed song. The melody is mesmerizing and framed perfectly with each of the instrumental parts in the arrangement, and the poetic and poignant lyrics have depth. This song is the definition of fantastic songwriting, great musicianship, and top notch production.

For more information, please visit Violet & The Sun's website. To purchase or stream the album, visit Hear Now.


More About violet & The Sun

"White’s previous work included collaborations with MING, Tricky's vocalist Costanza and Jon "Hobotech" Margulies as a member of the band Tiny Machines. Violet & The Sun is her first solo project which reflects her growth as a person and a musician.

After living in NYC and Los Angeles, White moved to a wild and remote acreage near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon with her beloved dogs, cat and Nigerian dwarf goats. Her new home provides her with an endless source of joy and wonder. The miles of uninterrupted pinyon pines by day and countless stars by night give White a sense of interconnection in the universe which is intimately reflected in her music.


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