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VOODOO KINGS - 'She Dreams'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“She Dreams” has a wonderful swing to it that thrives in its 90’s rock vibe. The song feels inspired by the music stylings of Bare-Naked Ladies and Third Eye Blind. This is feel-good summertime music that is just the right amount of easy listening. Featuring lots of instrumental ornamentation, catchy lyrics, and fun vocals, the song is easy to fall in love with. You’ll want to blast this song while driving on the highway with your windows all the way open.

Lyrically, singer and lyricist Michael Kranicke is singing about those little things that a lover can do that drives you absolutely mad, both in a good and bad way. It’s a wonderful and overwhelming feeling when your very attracted to someone, but there’s risk of it turning against your mind and sense of inner peace as well. This is reflected wonderfully in the lyrics with a sense of fun and sensuality. “I been wishing for you baby, wishing we could sink inside my manic dirty mind, and maybe then you’d realize, I’ve been waiting all my life to get blown away”.

The arrangement of the song features very energetic performances that are filled with passion. The electric guitar is very active but has just the right amount of presence to add some really crucial rhythmic flare while still leaving room for the rest of the band to thrive. The addition of acoustic guitar strumming, mixed softly in the middle, adds to the song’s summertime vibe. The rhythmic sound of strumming from an acoustic guitar is so subtle but really adds quite a lot to a song. The bridge features a classic sounding guitar solo that shows musical prowess and is very melodic.

Michael Kranicke’s vocals are warm and raw, he sings with dramatic flair and his vocals are further enhanced with the addition of background vocals. “She Dreams” is a such a feel-good song and it’s having so much fun with itself, so you can have fun too.

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One of the last of the analog kids, Michael Kranicke founder of the VOODOO KINGS, grew up when listening to music meant vinyl or the radio; feeding on rock n roll and blues that had harmony and melody, honing songwriting skills and leading bands as he learned guitar. Breathing this music with hundreds of shows, the VOODOO KINGS have experienced many wonderful moments, applause, laughter, smiles, and critical praise. The single ‘When I See Her’ off the VOODOO KINGS’ American Lights record was featured in the movie ‘Deal’ starring Burt Reynolds and distributed by MGM. Two songs off the record Mileage, ‘It’s All Right’ and ‘Strong Will Survive' have been licensed to the hit Canadian television series: ‘Dark Rising - Warrior of Worlds’, spreading the word about the VOODOO KINGS. The band recently signed a licensing agreement with Atrium Music out of Los Angeles. Its all about the song and stripping down the music and getting down to rock n roll.” says Michael.

With the newest release Faith & Whiskey, the VOODOO KINGS demonstrate their unique take on the consummate rock n roll song. From the Beatles-esque opener of “Eyes on You” to the roots laden sound of “Lonely Street”, the band demonstrates their effective blend of rock Americana. The VOODOO KINGS, with their guitar driven lineup and sustained by their uncompromising passion for the song, the first chord, the girls, and for the rush, invite you on their musical journey. Come join the adventure.

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