• Bryon Harris

Whiskey-6 Featuring Samantha Rae - 'Touch and Go'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Touch and Go” is refreshingly unpredictable. This is a song that starts off as down-the middle country rock and then proceeds to deliver one delightful curveball after another. Extremely eclectic in it’s influence, "Touch and Go" lives somewhere on the corner of country, indie, and 90s alternative. A huge band delivers an even bigger performance on this track.

Samantha Rae’s vocals are a treat. Reminiscent of the great Natalie Merchant, she is polished and strong without ever losing accessibility. Lyrically, the song explores that dreaded space of a fading love. “I know we talked about tomorrow, But I can’t get me through the past, and now I’m standing here, Feeling this won’t last.”

Fiddle and mandolin pull the sound one way, and are balanced out by crisp guitars and a powerful, syncopated rhythm section. The arrangement is extremely well done. There is a “wall of sound” quality to the production and a few choice chords which tug on the heartstrings.

The development of this song from beginning to end is something you simply have to hear. “Touch and Go” is a trojan horse of musical fullness, somehow making it a feel-good break up song.

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About Whiskey-6

Whiskey-6 is the fastest emerging country-rock act in New England. The band is fronted by Samantha Rae, a beautiful and energetic small town country spitfire who packs both a punch and a sultry country tone. She's a fierce and fearless competitor on and off the stage with a warm heart, wide smile, and a fun-loving spirit that captivates an audience every time. Whiskey-6 is the band behind Samantha Rae, a talented team of pro-caliber musicians and songwriters who deliver powerful and melodic country rock featuring beautifully blended harmonies.

The band recently completed released their debut EP called "Party Town" which was mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London during attended sessions. The band is proud to maintain a philanthropic division called the "Country Women Cancer Fund" that works along side the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston to raise awareness and funds for cancer care and research. The band was recently nominated in the category "Local Duo/Group of the Year" by New England Country Music.


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