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Whiskeyman- 'The Night That Hope Arrived'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

The Night That Hope Arrived” is a sensitive and passionate musical statement. Whiskeyman is gruff and expressive with this story-song that kickstarts the imagination and tugs on the heartstrings. Simultaneously dense and airy, this is a song that will win you over and take you on a journey.

Lyrically, The Night That Hope Arrived” is whimsical and poetic. “The trees whispered her name, everybody’s face was void of pain, They all said they felt the change when hope arrived.” Whiskeyman’s dramatic delivery injects these lyrics with emotion. “That night they heard the sound, they ran to the streets a hopeful crowd, They looked to the nighttime sky, as hope arrived.” The uplifting lyrical theme gives the music an inspirational tone.

The Night That Hope Arrived” features a stripped-down arrangement but achieves a full sound. A bluesy harmonica contributes fresh melodies constantly while acoustic fingerpicking carries the song’s harmonic structure. Sonic textures are layered intricately throughout the track. These subtle additions keep the intensity building from start to finish. Overall, this is an intricate work of art that you’ll want to hear again and again.


About Whiskeyman

Born in a born in a snowstorm in Jersey, Whiskeyman's mother died shortly after his birth. There is no actual record of his D.O.B and his broken hearted father raised him, best that he could. Whiskeyman has siblings, but they lost touch. Whiskeyman grabbed a guitar as a teenager, wrote songs about pain, hope, truth and finding his way. Today, he has toured the U.S and 4 countries.

Whiskeyman sings about the truth that men face, when they find themselves alone with their demons in the dark, sometimes sipping the head and shoulders off a smooth bottle with a slow burn. Raised on Springsteen and Johnny Cash, his whiskey soaked baritone voice wraps around your heart in a dark embrace. He sings his life's tales about love lost, truths found and the redemption that all men seek in their souls when finally facing that guy in the mirror.

After touring the U.S. fronting rock bands for 2 decades, he returned to his roots of acoustic based rock. This move back into who he was in his heart at the start of his songwriting, Leaving the grind of Los Angeles after 25 years, and moving to Mooresville NC, living on Lake Norman, the music and words flowed out and along with the wonderful welcome and hospitality of people here in the south, the music came together.

For more information, please visit Whiskeyman's website.


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