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Wild Horses - 'You Don't Know Who I Am'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Wild Horses is the joining of a musical force; singer Joelle Platt, known as a stellar performer and communicator, with a voice that resonates deeply, profoundly, and hauntingly. Joelle recognized her gift at an early age, and felt called to pursue a career as a singer and an artist. Citing inspiration and influence by artists like Joni Mitchell and Chris Cornell, Joelle was determined to carve a significant and noteworthy path, and she has; from writing a rock album with John Alcock (Joan Jett, The Who), to collaborating with famed musician Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins), Joelle ultimately made her way to Nashville, and caught the attention of 5 time Grammy and 26 time Dove nominated producer Billy Smiley (WhiteHeart). Joelle formed Wild Horses as an outlet to revive the beauty and energy of rock music, with a modern edge, and the dreamy melodic music she grew up on.

"You Don't Know" commences with a tight and crunchy guitar riffs, light percussion, and Joelle's mezmerizing voice. The overall vibe is rockin' with bluesy grit and sassy soul. The build to the incredibly memorable hook is full of intensity and explodes off the track. Mid-way, an instrumental interlude grooves with pychadelic guitars and background vocals before returning to the chorus with full force. The band is exceptional at keeping the energy level on fire from beginning to end.

At the core of the song is the tremendous vocal performance by Wild Horses, aka Joelle Platt. With confidence to spare, Joelle is the poster child for modern radio-rock goddess. We haven't heard this kind of charisma in a long time and Joelle is bringing it back. She has the vocal chops to melt a tender line and belt out a powerful anthem for a performance that is ever-engaging.

'You Don't Know Who I Am' (From the Musical Dance in the River)" is about the old adage that you can't judge someone until you walk in their shoes. "You don't know who I am little darling. You don't know who I am. Until you walk in the shoes that I am wearing, carry the cross that I am bearing. You don't know who I am. You don't know who I am." Joelle asserts herself like an artist who knows exactly who she is and it's powerful to hear.

Wild Horses is an upcoming artists who is unstoppable. With her charisma and confidence, she is bringing back the kind of rock that stops you in your tracks and makes you say, "Hell Yeah."

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