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Wyatt Hull - 'One of Them Nights'

Wyatt Hull's 'One of Them Nights' is one of the featured songs on BWH Music Group's 'Keepin It Country, Vol. One.' The compilation boasts 17 songs by the best independent country music artists in today's contemporary country music scene. Wyatt Hull is an Americana singer-songwriter who lives near the central coast of California. As a Kansas native, he has successfully implemented his backwoods roots into a unique California country-rock sound. His music is best described as Garth Brooks meets Tracy Chapman.  Wyatt was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show and a writer for the critically acclaimed hit television series "Breaking Bad." Wyatt Hull is an EMI artist who has toured the world. 

"One of The Nights" is the opening track to the compilation by one of the most promising new country acts in the nation - Wyatt Hull and his band 'Hung Like A Horse.' The song has undeniable mass appeal as does it's lead singer.

“One of Them Nights” is a fun, energetic tune about getting the nerve to go and get the girl you want. The song opens with Wyatt singing, “One of these days, one of these crazy God blessed days, /I’m gonna get the nerve show up at your door,” accompanied by light acoustic strumming, twangy lead flourishes, and faint electric organ for ambiance. Soon, the beat of steady percussion joins continuing the steady progression of the song. Not before long, distorted electric guitar punches in and a pick-up in percussion adds an explosion of energy to the track.

One of the most outstanding features of this tune are the distinct vocals. Wyatt’s vocals are filled with emotion and sport a full, bright timbre. Controlled, calculated cracks in his vocal phrasing give him a delightful country twang that fans are sure to love.

With fantastic vocals backed by a great band and slick production work, Wyatt Hull is the new "it factor" in country music and songs like "One of Them Nights" could catapult him into the big leagues."


For more information on Wyatt Hull, please visit his artist profile page on BWH Music Group. There you will find links to Wyatt's website, social media,Spotify and more.

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