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X.U.L - 'Pieces'

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

X.U.L brings us a piece of music that is full of rich ambience, complete with rain and crashing thunder. A simple motif echoes through the entire song, carrying weight and power similar to Hans Zimmer’s “Time.” This is minimalism at its finest.

What at first appears to be moody and quiet turns into a beautifully flowing work that is epic and cinematic in nature. X.U.L’s simple progression gradually becomes ripe with vibrant sounds and textures at every turn. Strings can be heard in the foreground, whose textural integrity rival that of Olafur Arnalds or Philip Glass. These strings are reserved and minimal themselves, exhibiting a plethora of spine-chilling effects such as sul ponticello. The movement of dazzling, delicate music is there and then gone in what seems like an instant. The artist’s inspiration for this masterful work of music rests in the calm imagery of

sitting by a crackling fire, exposed to the elements. The artist is then faced with letters carrying a multitude of riddles and secrets long forgotten. This imagery is evident in the mysterious nature of “Pieces,” and ultimately serves as a brilliant anchor for the mental journey the listener embarks on while listening to this masterpiece.

X.U.L clearly has an impeccable ear and beautiful sense of space and subtlety.

“Pieces” joins a perfect dose of mystery and allure with a progression that is naturally simple to understand. Que up this song, close your eyes, and let X.U.L take you on a journey through your deepest emotions, aspirations, and mental capacities.


About X.U.L

X.U.L (Gašper Selko) uses music as a language by combining contemporary classical with elements of minimalism and experimental electronic music to explore the unique interaction between music and it's listeners. He played trumpet in his younger years, then went on to study music at a conservatory level. After finishing the Conservatory for Music in Ljubljana, he continued his studies at the Academy of Music Ljubljana where he graduated in a class of Tibor Kerekeš. During this time, he had already started experimenting with various musical genres!

He is a member of several bands: Leni Kravac, ''MUSCAH," Good Vibration, and Yanu, Kamnik City Band. He also collaborates with many artists and groups such as Noctiferia, Murat and Jose, Igor Leonardi, Denis Beganovič, JaMirko, Damaris etc. Music is an important part of his life because everything he listens to, creates, and plays is a reflection of himself - from the power of metal to the perfection of classical music, and from the freedom of jazz to the diversity of folk and ethnic music, X.U.L.'s music is an integral part of who he is.


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