• Bryon Harris

Zue$B – The Player’s Ball (Plans 4 u)

“The Player’s Ball (Plans 4 you)" kicks things off with a R&B inspired hip-hop track with snappy snares, pumped kicks, and a grooving bass-line that takes the center of the instrumentals. With ambient sounds of people cheering and having a good time in the background, a host comes onto the track welcoming listeners to “The Player’s Ball” as he introduces Zue$B and Sucha Showoff.

Leading right into the hook, Zue$B's ultra- smooth and relaxed, auto-tuned vocals enter singing a simple catchy melody that will easily get stuck in your head. Moving into the first verse, Zeu$B keeps the vibe going with laid-back, slightly melodic bars before switching up into a more rhythmic flow showcasing his versatile talent.

After the next chorus, Sucha Showoff makes for a unique feature with the combination of his flow and melodic layers of vocals adding different effects to his sound.

“The Player’s Ball (Plans 4 you)" is all about all about knowing exactly how you feel about someone and the plans you have to be that person. One of the key lines in the sexy-funky song is "I've got plans for you." The lyrics describe how someone is like "sunshine in the rain" and how someone makes your day a brighter place when they come around. It's about love, both heart and soul. No doubt, the ladies will love this romantic and sensual song,

“Some nights don’t want sex just want to hold you , don’t like front streets we just keep it low."

Zue$B has written a hot hit song and along with Sucha Showoff, their sound is perfect for that special time with someone special. The hooks are strong and the performance is authentic bringing a mix of R & B, funk, rap and silky smoothness that sounds like candy to your ears.

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About Zeu$B

Zeu$B started writing music at the young age of 10. By the time he was 15, he had already recorded his first song. He went onto college, but made the decision to drop out to pursue other interests. His career took him on multiple paths to make ends meet, but in the end - Zeu$B returned to music. Music has always been Zeu$B 's passion; it never faded away. Today, music is Zeu$B's main focus as he shares his music with the world.


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