• Bryon Harris

Countless Numbers - 'Won'

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Countless Numbers is an alternative rock band that uses both acoustic and digital instrumentation to create their signature sound. The band is fronted by Cary Parker whose credentials include a large catalog of original songs. Cary, who also plays guitar and keys, is joined by Adrian Goudas on guitar,Tristan Melendreras on bass and Devin Jannetta on drums. Countless Numbers’ latest four-song EP, ‘Won,' is a great introduction to their talent.

The first song off the EP is “The Rabbit.” From the instant you hear “The Rabbit” - it catches you. Probably the strongest song on the EP, the tune is highly melodic, upbeat and has a strong hook. Cary deliverers a relaxed vocal performance, clear and bright, above the mix. The lyrics to this song are refreshingly blunt and easy to relate to. “Who gives a fuck about the weight you gained? The hair you lost, then found again.” That first line kind of says it all. The Rabbit is about the fatigue of materialism and surface issues. Nice distorted guitar leads lace the song. Vocal “oos’” give it a fun, catchy flavor.

The second song up is “Little Things” which commences with light guitar strumming followed by tight percussion and bass. Digital motifs are heard throughout, creating an atmospheric vibe of nice textures. The lyrics start with a simple notion, “I fell in love with the little things, Got lost in the Little Things,” then switch up to reveal a more complex love story, “Saw the Devil in the Little Things, Saw the Devil in you.” Once again, the chorus is highly memorable and the mix is very well done, showcasing the bands talent for combining acoustic and electronic sounds very tastefully.

The third song on the EP is titled “Piano Song.” The song poses the following questions: "Love, have you got enough? Am I strong enough? Am I rich enough?” And the answer is: “Love chooses you. As if I had a choice.” In the beginning the repetitive piano motif has a Coldplay kind of vibe. Cary enters against the motif with a great tone. By the second verse, percussion and bass join for a light rock sound. Soon, electronic elements are added. Key to Countless Numbers' sound is the way in which the bands builds upon layers and textures without over-doing it. It wouldn't work if the electronics were over-cooked and it's a challenge to get the mix just right when you are blending acoustics and digital and Countless Numbers nails it. After the final verse, the song gets heavier moving into a jam section before returning to the simple, sparse beginning for a brief outro. The overall arch of the song is excellent.

The last song on the EP is “Money.” It has a mid-tempo groove played nicely on the bass. All four songs on the EP were written by Cary who displays a knack for reflective writing. “Why you always on the run?” The song has emotive solos on the keys. Like all previous songs, the hook is great. “All this time, you thought was money. All along it was the cost.” Simply a great line. The chorus is highlighted by good background vocals.

Countless Numbers EP 'Won' is impressive in countless ways including their intricate rock arrangements that layer acoustic instrumentation with tasteful electronic motifs; lyrics that twist and turn, strong melodic content and hooks; and a sound you just never tire of thanks to Cary's subtle vocal delivery and the bands overall tasteful musicality. Countless Numbers are back in the studio this summer aiming for a Fall-Winter 2017 release. To follow the band, visit them on Bandcamp.

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