• Bryon Harris

Blind Perception - 'Left Me Bad'

A bad-ass melodic guitar riff opens “Left Me Bad” by Blind Perception. Slick bass and in-the-pocket drum work join in. Soon, an all-out classic-rock groove is established. The sound runs through your veins and gets your head banging.

The band's lead singer comes in with all the swagger of a great front-man. The vocals have a nice classic-rock sound tinged with a blues attitude. “You know I love you baby, it's written in the stars. Our travels brought us together, what's mine is yours, not ours. Took everything from me, and only left me band." The hook is very strong and universal. “Took everything from me, and only left me bad.” With a theme that everyone can relate to, the chorus is a mantra you will carry around in your back-pocket, blast on your radio, and unleash in your mind when you’re thinking of that certain somebody who burned you and “left you bad.” Lyrically, the song nails it with awesome lines like,"You know I know the reason, like to mess with my mind. But I share the blame for takin’ you back every time.”

Blind Perception sounds live and at the same time, their recording is polished for an exciting sound. The band maintains an intensity from the first note to the last. Mid-way, listeners are treated to a jam section. Here the lead guitarist takes center stage, accompanied by stellar bass work. The guitar stays close to the melody, adding tasteful guitar solos. This is a band who knows how to put music before ego.

“Left Me Bad” is all about givers and takers. It is about being a sugar daddy and investing your heart and wallet in a relationship that is just taking you for a ride. It’s about moths being drawn to flames and getting burned, but they can’t stay away from the light.

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In “Left Me Bad” Blind Perception delivers, and they deliver big, with music that covers all the bells and whistles of classic-rock while adding hints of swaggering blues and sizzling jam rock, with vocals that have edge, musicianship that is tight and tasteful, and songwriting that is infectious.


About Blind Perception

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Hailing from Southern Indiana, Blind Perception is a 4-piece hard rock band whose sound can be described as an eclectic mix of influences from blues to progressive to rock anthems with a classic rock vibe. Blind Perception aims to give rock fans an alternative choice in today's cookie-cutter music scene with a blend of 60's hippie rock, 70's hard rock, 80's metal and 90's rock. Blind Perception released their debut EP in 2018. The EP included 4 highly-rated (Reverbnation and TuneCore) songs including: "Buffalo Chip", "The Struggle", "Left Me Bad" and "I Can't Breath." Currently in the studio working on their second major release, the full album Industrial Ranch, the band is on fire with an abundance of great new music to share. "Save Me" will whet your appetite for Industrial Raunch.

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