• Bryon Harris

SynCo – ‘The Un-Usual Suspects’

Following up from his ‘BlakOut EP,’ Syn is back presenting all the artist he is working in a killer new album to show you that he means business in 2018. Featuring Stoner Simpson, Kurrent, PiK, NoBody, Dupe, DT, and JiCue Smoove Syn’s line-up is something to get excited about. With his album ‘The Un-Usual Suspects’ these artists aim to stay true to the classic art of hip-hop with influences of modern day production.

The first track off the album, “Good Morning” sets the bar high in a high energy track featuring Kurrent, Stoner Simpson, and DT. Kicking off, the beat builds with a brief intro that previews the hook with a filter over before the bass drops entering the first verse. With the drop off the beat, DT enters and completely tears it up the whole verse with clarity and a speedy flow. In the hook raps, “Hello Goodmorning get on it/Go out and get it and flaunt it/Forget the pass and go get the cash ‘cause this is the life that you wanted,” with a catchy flow that makes this song a hit. Followed up bye another two killer verses from Kerrent and Stoner Simpson, you’ll want to hear this banger yourself.

The next track to highlight is “Airplane Mode.” Stoner Simpson takes the

lead on this track with features from Nobody and Syn. With a bombastic beat with huge synth organs and a slamming drum beat, “Airplane Mode” has a more old-school influenced beat. Stoner Simpson jumps on the track with passion in his voice and an addicting tone. This is the first track on the album featuring NoBody and he shows his skill through a smooth verse, his raspier voice pairing perfectly with the track. To no surprise, Syn enters on the last verse with an assertive flow to wrap up another great track.

We get another side of Stoner Simpson in the track “Can I Live.” This track stands out with its infectiously melodic beat setting a different mood then the more hype track mentioned before. Stoner gets more personal on this track as he goes in about his life and trying to make it in the rap game. In the hook he sings, “One thing we all adore/Is it worth dying for for?/I heard its nothing but pain am I insane trying to etch my name in this rap game,” giving insight on dilemma and giving this song a more personal edge.

Next, PiK makes his first appearance on the album with the track “Pain Killer Jane.” The song eases in with a flute-like drone accompanied by an ambient melody in the background. Soon a sample enters leading into the drop of the beat and PiK’s entrance. Timing at 1:37, on this shorter track PiK spits boastful bars proving himself among SynCo. His dynamic flow and clever word play make this a notable track.

Another track to get excited about from ‘The Un-Usual Suspects’ is “Paper in Discussion.” Its start off with the hook as the instrumentals start with a grungy tone as it slowly builds towards the first verse. Upon reaching the first verse, the beat completely opens and drops with clarity creating a stellar change up between the verses and the chorus. Dupe takes the lead on this track with features from Syn and Stoner Simpson. Each verse is dynamic with everyone having different styles and approaches to the beat making this an engaging track from start to finish.

“The Remedy” is easily one of the smoothest tracks off the album with Stoner Simpson featuring Syn. Starting off, the production vamps as they start to hype up the track. Once the beat drops we are graced with an infectious melody accompanied by steady beat and sub-bass. What makes this track so great is the seamless transitions between Syn and Stoner’s bars. They work extremely well together on this track as the beat filters in and out making this a fire track you won’t want to miss out on.

On “Asleep,” Kurrent featuring NoBody & Jamall Ray take a political stance through smooth flows. The beat on this song catches you off guard at first with dissonance between the bass and piano progression but, as the song progresses and Kurrent begins to spit his first verse you get locked into the funky groove and on top of it, both Kurrent and NoBody kill the track on their verses. The more serious matter combined with a catchy hook make this song a great addition to the album.

Wrapping up the album is “Feature Presentation” which has Syn featuring DT, Dupe, Kurrent, PiK, Stoner Simpsom, and JiCue Smoove. This song is a climactic end to the album kicking off with an energetic hip-hop beat as they hype up the track building up to the first verse. Each member of the line up take turns gasconading their individual personalities and successes for a compelling track from start to end making this the perfect end to a great album.

In total, the album features 18 tracks of hot beats and killer verses. Each track has its own individuality and the intense line-up of artist keeps it interesting from start to finish. Syn has come a long way since his ‘BlakOut EP’ and shows no sign of stopping with the first volume of SynCo entertainment, ‘The Un-Usual Suspects.’ Check out their YouTube page for more entertainment and make sure to head over to Datpiff and listen to the album!

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