• Bryon Harris

DL Moreno - 'Show Me feat. KevinK'

Hailing from Bakersfield, CA, DL Moreno has another hit record on his hands – “Show Me feat.. KevinK” which was released March 1, 2019. The song was produced by Kevin Hues & Oso Familiar and mixed/mastered by Dave Fore of Orange Octane

“Show Me” starts off with a mesmerizing groove that sounds tantalizing, sexy and a bit mysterious. The beat and bass drop and the contagious chorus invites you into the club, the Rolls, and the good time. “Girl, hop in the Rolls. I’m comin’ home to you. You know what I want. You gotta show me somethin.’” KevinK’s smooth and chill vocals on the chorus have that “it factor”; his laid-back R & B style with a chill synth effect gives off a nice club style. DL follows with a superb flow – he’s just a polished rapper who knows how to deliver a line without pushing too hard or having to show off; he just lets it happen naturally and you really feel it. The chorus returns, and you will never get tired of hearing it. By this time, you are already adding “Show Me” to your playlist.

As it turns out, you are not alone in loving this music. DL Moreno is a charting hip-hop/ EDM artists. His previous single “Savage ft. Trey Songz” hit the Digital Radio Tracker R & B & Hip-Hop Chart at #9 and #3 on the Top 150 Independent Charts.

DL Moreno and KevinK collaborating on the songwriting in “Show Me” and it’s a win from beginning to end; these two masters of their craft are a force

“Show Me” is about people who are confident in their own grind; a woman who is a dancer and guy who has his own game and isn’t jealous. Later, they hook up taking his Rolls back to her place. The bottom line is this: In “Show Me feat. KevinK”, DL Moreno and KevinK are polished and buffed, full of chill style and smooth flow - they shine better than their ride... which is a Rolls.

Check out more tune on SoundCloud or connect @dlmorenomusic.

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