• Bryon Harris

Isaac Vancil – ‘After Years’

Isaac Vancil is a singer/songwriter based out of Dallas, TX. Compelled by his love for music, Isaac uses his passion to connect and engage his listeners with heartfelt tunes that aim to capture the pain, beauty, and complexity of our lives. Isaac was raised on the bitter/sweet tunes from the likes of artists such as, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, and Gordon Lightfoot that had a great impact on finding his own sound. At first he struggled to find his own voice until moving to Colorado where he gained a new perspective on music and life. He released his debut EP ‘After Years’ in 2017 giving us and introduction to his sound.

The first song off the EP is “Tragic Melody.” The track opens with a reverberant, ambient guitar progression setting a melancholy mood as it progresses towards the first verse. With the entrance of drums and bass, the vocals enter singing, “Ain't it weird sometimes/How the pain in life/Though it cut like a knife/Could bring about something new,” showcasing Isaac’s raw, striking vocals that mold seamlessly with his instrumentals giving a nice, full sound. As the song progresses, accents of violin bolster the arrangement giving it an engaging progression from start to finish. The lush instrumental arrangement and powerful vocals and lyrics make this a great start to the album.

Following is the title song of the album, “After Years.” With a change of pace, the song kicks off with a melodic acoustic progression. As the vocals enter, they create a hair-raising duet between voice and guitar putting more spotlight on his sincere vocals. Moving forward, the instrumentals builds with layers of violin, and accents from electric guitar, until eventually the drums break in making for a stunning arrangement. “After Years” evokes strong emotion from the somber vocals, to the more uplifting instrumental breaks of the song, there is no doubt that this is a killer addition to the EP that will have you in love with Isaac’s sound.

Next, Isaac continues to take our breath away with his track “Blue Sky.” A finger-style acoustic progression is accompanied by melodic electric guitar lines and flourishes of violin to create a beautiful instrumental for the intro. Isaac enters singing, “Well I’m the blue sky’s could my love/I’m your Sun I’m your rain/ Don’t you hide your tears sweet child/I want to bear the pain/You ain’t got to fake a thing.” His poetic lyrics matched with his heartfelt tone make for a tear-jerking combination as he delivers this love song through solemn melodies.

Here is a lyric video of "Blue Sky's" for your enjoyment!

Ending the EP on a more up-beat note, “Tell The Truth” takes the spotlight. With a bouncy arrangement of acoustic guitar, wavy steel, and a steady drum beat, this song provides a solid change of pace to the album. “Tell The Truth” showcase a different range of Isaac’s voice making this track stand out, befitting a grand ending to the EP. Featuring memorable vocal melodies alongside a fun arrangement, this track is sure to be a fan favorite.

The ‘After Years’ EP is an outstanding debut and a great start to Isaac’s career as an artist. Featuring a medley of poetic, somber, and thought-provoking tunes that tackle the irony of love amidst the pains of life. With a professional sound, we have a lot to look forward to as Isaac continues to develop as an artist. Isaac is currently working on releasing his first full-length album to be titled, ‘Travelers,’ which is to be released towards the end of this year. His music is available for purchase via iTunes. For more information on Isaac Vancil, visit his website.

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