• Bryon Harris

Chris Eves and The New Normal – ‘Find Your Way’

Chris Eves and The New Normal are a Jam Rock band hailing from Syracuse, NY that blur the lines between rock, funk, and blues. Blending relatable lyrics, rock roots, and a pop sensibility, they create a memorable music experience. The band has shared the stage with notable artist such as the Zac Brown Band, Jon Fishman of Phish, Gov't Mule, Cheap Trick, Gregg Allman and many others. The group has recently released their new album, ‘Find Your Way’ featuring a plethora of diverse tunes that will have you falling for their sound.

The first song off the album is “Remember to Forget.” The song kicks off with a funky electric guitar riff that is soon joined by jamming drums, and the bass joins in unison. As the instrumentals ease back, the vocals enter singing, “Take a look around you/Tell me what you see/Before it all slips into a duller memory.” The vocal melodies are enticing but even more so, as the song progresses the group takes wild instrumental breaks that are sure to impress listeners. From stellar instrumentals to grooving vocal lines, “Remember to Forget” showcases what Chris Eves and The New Normal are all about.

Following up is their track, “Walking On A Wire.” This track shows off more of the bands pop sensibility with lighter melodies and easily relatable lyrics while keeping hold of those killer instrumental sections. With stellar solos from both keys and electric guitar the instrumentals are sure to keep listeners engaged. To top it all off, “Walking On A Wire” has a catchy chorus making this up-beat tune enjoyable for anyone.

On the track, “Green and Blue,” Chris Eves and The New Normal change up the pace with a slower tempo jam that has more of a roots rock vibe. Starting off with a guitar fronted arrangement backed by ambient chords on keys. In an addictive hook they sing, “Eyes of green and blue/Deeper than the oceans,” through infectious melodies backed by vivacious guitar riffs making for an exciting tune. “Green and Blue” helps to showcase the diversity of influences that Chris Eves and The New Normal’s songs are inspired by.

Following up is the title track of the album, “Find Your Way.” The song kicks off with an introduction on piano soon joined by an energetic entrance of drums, bass and guitar. The instrumental arrangement is memorable and engaging grabbing your attention right from the start. During the verses, they use alluring chord changes that make for indulgent vocal melodies. What really makes “Find Your Way” such an exciting track is the exhibition of the bands instrumental prowess. Running at approximately eight minutes long, the latter half of the song features an absolutely stellar instrumental break that brings you from conversational solos, to melodic, soothing riffs and rhythmic jousts. Wrapping up with an unforgettable chorus and then back to the main instrumental theme, this song is definitely fit to be the title track.

After that high energy beast of a song, Chris Eves and The New Normal wind things down with their track “On Rainy Days.” This song tell a love story of someone reminiscing on a past relationship. In the chorus they sing, “We used to stay in bed on rainy days and forget the world outside/Pull the shades and let the covers make a perfect place to hide/ When I looked into her eyes I knew there was aways blue behind the grey…” This songs more low key vibes make a perfect fit following “Find Your Way.”

“When The Stars Start Falling” follows with an eerie instrumental introduction that seamlessly leads into the first verse. The vocals match the instrumentals eerie quality but as the song progresses towards the chorus, the vocals create unique harmonies as they sing, “As the stars start falling down like rain,” then the group solidifies creating consonance as he sings, “On us.” “When The Stars Start falling” feature captivating instrumentals and lush vocal harmonies that make for a unique addition to the album making this track unforgettable.

Take a moment and enjoy their music video for the track!

Chris Eves and The New Norm then follow up with another high-octane rock-inspired jam. Featuring one of their heavier instrumentals “Fall” is sure to get your head banging. Letting loose, the vocals have a bit more grit to them showing Chris’s ability to adapt to different styles of tracks. And of course, what would one of their more rocking songs be without a killer electric guitar solo! This track reminds you of just why they identify as a Jam Rock band with high flying solos and huge instrumental breaks.

Laslty, I want to pay homage to their song “New Normal.” In this ballad, the verses highlight his softer vocals. “New Normal” is a shout-out to the outcast and those who are having trouble finding a place to fit in. The song has an enticing progression building up to high energy moments before dropping back into lower energy, emotional sections that ease back on instrumental accompaniment to highlight vocals. The track ends with a grandiose instrumental section to bring us to the end of the track as it slowly fades out.

Chris Eves and The New Normal are a group to be exciting about as kicking off their musical expedition with a plethora of radio-ready tunes. ‘Find Your Way’ with 10 songs total, features a diverse set list that has something for everybody. Their CD is available for purchase via Amazon. For more information on Chris Eves and The New Norm, visit their website and pages on Reverb Nation and Facebook.

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