• Bryon Harris

Lick Creek – ‘Let Me Be’

Lick Creek is a country band that blends elements of 70’s rock/southern rock and a touch of blues. The band features Lance Stone (Lead Vocals), Maddie Brown (Lead Vocals, acoustic guitar), Steve Gragert (bass), Ryan King (lead guitar, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel), Brandon Drew (drums), and Wes Ingram (guitar). The band brings a unique sound to the pop country scene paying homage to the greats that pioneered outlaw country and to newer artists like Eric Church and Blackberry Smoke. Their EP, ‘Let Me Be,’ is a great way to introduce yourself to their powerful male and female vocals and signature fast-paced energy that fans love.

The first song, “Bend,” kicks off with a melodic guitar riff, soon joined by another layer of guitar and light percussion before breaking into a grooving jam. The instrumentals are engaging with a clear mix making for a radio-ready sound. As the instrumentals ease back, Lance enters for the first verse showcasing his pristine pop-country vocals through memorable melodies backed by catchy bass lines and up-beat rhythms. With the addition of an instrumental break and a stellar chorus,“Bend,” makes for a big entrance on the EP.

On the next track, “My Liver,” Maddie takes the lead on this heartfelt ballad. Listeners will immediately fall for her raspy emotive voice as she sings, “The first thing I did/when I woke up this morning/was take your picture off the wall.” This somber love song about drinking away your sorrows after a heartbreak is infused with twangy solos and an uplifting ending that makes for a memorable music experience listeners are sure to remember.

Raising the energy, Lick Creek follows up with the title track of the EP, “Let Me Be.” With spirited banjo licks and foot-stomping percussion, the instrumental arrangement is one of the most exciting parts of this track, A fantastic solo section, with enticing rhythms, keeps this track captivating from start to finish. With the addition of dynamic, harmony driven vocals, there is no wonder why "Let Me Be" is the title of the album.

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Keeping up the energy, the EP finishes with “Don’t Start.” Featuring verses from both Maddie and Lance, an addictive chorus with powerful vocal harmonies and killer instrumentals, “Don’t’ Start” is a strong track that gives listeners a good idea of what Lick Creek is all about. This song works perfectly to wrap up the EP giving us a peek into all aspects of Lick Creeks sound in a high-octane track that listeners won’t forget.

Lick Creek presents a radio-ready rocking country sound with pop sensibility in this four-track musical sensation. ‘Let Me Be’ is fun and engaging making it a great way to introduce their sound to the world. For more information on the band and their music, visit their website. Their music is also available for fans on all major online music retailers.

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