• Bryon Harris

T.C. Young – ‘Rebels’

T.C. Young is an Indie-Folk singer/songwriter based out of Washington D.C. Young’s music captures the essence of his life creating order out of chaos, blending meditations on love and loss with the carefree attitude of a kid who’d rather sleep in a van than a bed. Previously, Young was the lead singer and primary songwriter of a local Indie-Rock band, The Neon Rush, before coming into his own as a solo artist, combining the energy of his musical roots with the intimacy of folk and storytelling. His project, ‘Rebels,’ is a heartfelt introduction to his work.

The introduction track, “Prelude in D Major,” kicks the album off with an emotional, energetic track. Young’s bright vocals are heavy with emotion as he sings through light melodies breaking between chest voice and falsetto. With a shift in instrumentals, the song picks up building energy as the soundscape changes mood. This engaging track makes for a delightful beginning to this project.

Following up, the addictive melodies of “Holden Caufield” are sure to make this track a fan favorite. Starting off, the simple acoustic guitar accompaniment shines light on stellar vocal melodies as they gradually build energy and as Young sings, “But by the way/I love you way you smile,” the instrumentals expand being bolstered by additional percussion and production in an unforgettable moment in the song. Featuring grooving instrumental sections and excellent songwriting, “Holden Caufield” is a killer addition to the line-up.

T.C. Young continues to show his prowess as a songwriter with another infectious tune, “Weekend.” The chorus will stick with you long after the song is over with a strong pop sensibility. The song features a long instrumental section with backing vocals providing a nice break before re-entering with more energy than ever in a climactic ending to the song. “Weekend” is a track that you will go back to again and again for its memorable hook.

Check out this music video for "Weekend" featuring Augustus James!

In “All of Those Things,” Young brings down the energy for a heartfelt ballad. With lulling instrumentals, Young’s voice perfectly fits the somber mood as he sings, “Something happened long ago/Tripping through my heaven and snow/I know that time is thicker than/the wine slowly raining down.” This song provides a nice change of pace in the album showing a different aspect of Young’s songwriting that listeners will appreciate.

Picking back up the pace, “Needs” will uplift your spirits with its bouncy instrumental arrangement and carefree vibes displayed on the vocals. With engaging electric guitar solos woven between unhinged vocalizes, this song will not disappoint with its exciting progression from an acoustic guitar driven light tune, to a rocking jam and back again.

“Gravity” is another love ballad with somber melodies. Young’s emotive, heartbreak riddled vocals make this track touching and memorable. The poetic lyrics mesmerize you with its light accompaniment before it eventually breaks into a full, lively arrangement during the climax of the song. As it comes down from that moment, the instrumentals become bare as and Young’s vocals take the spotlight leaving nothing but his vocals in a breathtaking end.

Wrapping up is the title song of the project, “Rebels (Featuring Jamie Boyd).” This dynamic duet makes for a great end for the album. From moments of rocking energy, to soft, subtle sections, to funk-inspired instrumentals, this track is sure to have a little something for everyone. Running at almost seven minutes long, “Rebels,” is the longest track on the project. Jamie’s clean vocals make for a powerful addition to Young’s music.

T.C. Young shows off his talent for writing strong tracks with his project ‘Rebels.’ From up-beat track that will uplift your spirits, to melancholy love ballads, Young proves that he can create a memorable music experience with emotive melodies and relatable lyrics. His music is available for fans via iTunes. For more information on T.C. Young, visit their website.

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