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Darien Martus - 'Love in the Apocalypse'

Darien Martus is an award winning indie singer/songwriter out of Detroit, MI you’ll want to look out for. As a child, he studied piano leading him to receive a BA in Music from Oakland University. He went on to receive his master in music composition from University of Redlands. His albums, “Side Trip” (2016) and “Waldenwild” (2017) were both listed for Grammy consideration and charted on Amazons Hot New Releases in Folk/Rock hitting #3 in sales during June 2014. Now, he is rearing up to release his ninth commercial album, “Love in the Apocalypse,” December 14th which will be available for fans on all music selling/streaming services.

The first track off the album is “I’m drowning.” It opens with the sound of waves, lightly washing over the shore. Some solemn piano enters with a deep piano key on the first down beat and gentle piano chords. Darien enters tenderly singing, “Put my toe in the water. Felt so warm. Jumped right in. Didn’t notice the storm” Waves are pulling him down. He is drowning and asks to be saved. From the moment Darien sings his first note, you will get shivers down your spine and a lump in your throat. He evokes gentle tenderness, passionate angst, and raw emotion with vocal refinement. The score builds with theatrical orchestration and percussion for a dramatic effect. As he sings, “I’m drowning. Save me,” each long held note is sung with the deepest passion that keeps your ears on the edge of their seat.

Suddenly Darien transforms his sound from pop to folk and it is equally convincing. “I know Better” is the next track. This song is a gem. With acoustic guitar picking and strumming at its foundation, the flavor is indie folk. Darien’s lyrical genius takes center stage and it wouldn’t surprise me he earns some lyric writing awards. He is a songwriter and a poet who shows no fear. He is not afraid to use multiple genres if it suits the song. He is not afraid to let his voice quiver if it yields raw emotion. He is not afraid to wear his musical emotions on his sleeve. The result of this songwriting bravery is incredibly refreshing and engaging. “Wandering aimless, I know I ain't blameless. I've just come to tame this thing called life. Suddenly I'm sure I am shameless. Hit me with the light.”

Betrayed has a nice funky groove as Darien lays out what it feels like to be betrayed. “Now everybody knows how to win in a war of course. You sneak inside in a Trojan Horse

And just when they trust you, Rape and pillage.” As the album continues, every song brings you deeper into a crushed heart world. You feel like you are listening to more than songs on an album - you are listening to novel and a Broadway show and an album, all at once. Darien paints emotions vividly and poetically.

The next song that captured me was “Unrap.” With classical-pop overtones, this moving ballad presents very strong and flowing melodic content. Darien sings it with deep-felt tenderness that can fill the driest eyes with tears brilliantly capturing what it feels like to have your emotions exposed.

Wrapping up, Darien closes the album with a heartwarming song, “No Other Word Will Do.” Opening up with ambient harmonic synths, an angelic timbre is created as Darien’s deep, crisp vocals cut through lulling listeners. The verses build with melodic piano and bass switching out for guitar leads for the chorus. Darien poetically sings about the power of the word “love” touching close to the album with a message that will stick with you.

Whether Darien’s songs are about exploring our ability to love and heal or a metaphor for what humanity has lost in a world filled with turmoil, Darien shows us—through emotionally packed music and lyrics—that we can still feel and we can feel deeply and it is our emotion, uncovered and revealed in his songs, that will save us. Make sure to head over to his website for more new on his upcoming music!

Check out the music video for his song "In About A Hundred Years" below!

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