• Bryon Harris

Porter D'Poet - Dreamin'

Bahamian rapper, Porter D’Poet, is best known for his two hit singles "Get Dis Paper (2008)" and "Leave Dat Girl Alone (2009)". After achieving heavy radio rotation and international recognition, Porter took a step back from the industry. Today, he is back with a hot new EP, his own recording studio, and a passion and platform to help other indie artists in the music industry. His four-track new EP titled, Dreamin’, was worth the wait.

The opening track ‘What is Love’ begins with a 32-bar moving intro. D’Poet commences with “What is love, love? And where is love? From cherished love comes perished love.” The song speaks about looking back “If I could go back, See I wish I could go back” to a simpler time before heartbreak set in. In 'What is Love', D’Poet offers up raw and intimate lyrics that reminisce about a love story. His lyrics are both self-reflective and universal. As a rapper, D'Poets delivery is clean and smooth with a completely natural flow. Musically, the first song is a success. It’s melodic content and catchy hook are stellar.

The next track on the EP is the title track Dreamin’. The somber intro starts with stark single chords on the keys with sparse melodic riffs in the upper register. Against this, we hear a segment of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech over the music. D’Poet says “check” and from there the laid back, infectious groove kicks in. In Dreamin’, D’Poet showcases his keen ability to take political poetry all the way to revolution. ‘Dreamin’s is filled with meaning and message that awakens and inspires.

The third song on the EP is titled “Do You Remember”. “Do You Remember” flows like a conversation as D’Poet tells his tale of how it was in the music scene when he was first coming up as a rapper making his mark. Throughout D’Poet pays homage to his peers and to those who paved the way. He shows his respect calling each Rapper out by name. Like most trips, this is one that he hopes he will never land from. “Oh, do you remember those nights? Them nights we can’t forget? Come on let’s take flight. I hope we never land.” As in all D'Poets songs on 'Dreamin', the hook is very strong and addictive. Judging by the songs on this EP, D’Poet won’t be landing anytime soon and his flight will take off.

The last song “Perfect Timing” is…the perfect ending. This chart-stopping song fantastically ends a fantastic EP with an upbeat, addictive jam that shows off D'Poets Bahamina roots. Here, D’Poets Bahamian shined with a song that is sure to win over old and new fans. "Perfect Timing" has old school flare that pops. In "Perfect Timing", D'Poet delivers a soulful, popular vocal performance that just shows there are multiple sides to this artist.

Over all D’Poet is back and he’s back strong. “Dreamin’ is a triumphant showcase of all this rapper has to offer as D'Poet delves into love, relationships, contemporary politics and social justice with strong hooks, lyrics and skill in a format that is highly accessible for universal audiences.

To learn more about D'Poet, check out his website.

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