• Bryon Harris

Timothy Bridges – ‘Dannyboy’

Indie-Rock artist Timothy Bridges is making his debut as a solo artist with his song “Dannyboy.” The song is an up-tempo, energetic ride that you won’t want to get off driven by addictive pop-rock instrumentals and melodies that you’ll be able to sing along with before the song even ends. Timothy’s vocals have a nostalgic sound that is familiar yet unique making it easy to love. Every time the second half of the verse comes along you are sure to find yourself singing, “Better think twice/You better think twice/Better think twice/Cause the world is too big for you Daniel.”

Entrancing instrumentals and infectious vocals aside, although the lyrics are simple, they paint a clear story in your head that you get wrapped in. Timothy wrote "Dannyboy" about a close friend that was always getting himself into bad or odd situations. Throughout the song, you can’t help but to either relate to or think of someone you know who does the same thing. “Dannyboy” takes you on a musical journey that you won’t mind taking again and again.

You'll definitely want to check out the hilarious music video for the song below!

Timothy Bridges is in no way new to the scene. Before setting off on his solo career, he was part of a band named, The Happy Hippo Family, that toured different parts of the world including Japan, England, and their home Sweden as well as released multiple albums. The group played for 10 years before splitting apart.

Make sure to Keep up with Timothy and his music as he paves his way as a solo artist by following his Facebook page! His music is available for fans via iTunes and Spotify. Kicking off his solo career with a song like “Dannyboy” leaves much excitement for what is to come in the future!

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