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Overdose (producer for artists such as Tank, Aaliyah, E40, and Fat Joe among others) and Lady Capri joined forces in 2010 to become ESP EVOLUTION. ESP EVOLUTION decided early on to forge a different path in the music industry by recording and releasing only the very best hit singles. To that end, they have released three hits including "Break Out”, "Wishing on a Falling Star” and “Burning” fusing elements of pop, rock, hip hop, r&b with hints of reggae, each song its own masterpiece.

“Break-out” starts with its title repeated five times setting up the stage for a killer jam, giving you just enough time to get out to the dance floor. The production work is stellar and the groove is strong from beginning to end. The song’s development is very impressive as it seamlessly combines genres starting with an infectious dance groove that breaks into a memorable pop hook with hot funk-rock electric guitar solos. The lyrics talk about how nothing is going to stop these two artists from fulfilling their music destiny. “But there ain't no stopping us / And you might be surprised / If you give it a try / You just might be feeling us.” Judging by this single, the masses will be feeling it.

The second single is “Wishing on a Falling Star.” This uplifting, positive single starts by setting a mesmerizing, addictive mid-tempo groove. The chorus is very catchy and chart-worthy. “Don’t be giving up my friends / Wishing on a Falling Star / Don’t be giving up my friends long as you know who you are.” The verses are rap style with lyrics full of inspiration like “Take those blinders off so you can see / So you can see possibility / You can be anything you dream." Please take a moment to watch and share the video for “Wishing on a Falling Star.” The images throughout the video are moving, bringing home the song's message of peace.

The third single is called “Burning” and it’s layered with meaning from burning up the music industry with great music and determination to burning down anything that stands in the way of peace, love and freedom. Overdose and Lady Capri are saying it out loud, “When ESP steps into the house, they’re gonna burn that mother down.” And it’s not just musically that they are burning things down, it is socially as well as they seek to end hate and bring peace to the house - one amazing song at a time.

ESP EVOLUTION is giving it everything they got – one hot, catchy, well-produced single at a time – and everything they got is more than enough to burn down the charts.

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