• Bryon Harris

Paragon Cause - EscaPe

Marnie VanKheul and Kirwan Opthof are the duo called Paragon Cause. Based out of Ottawa, Canada their songs are influenced by jazz, 80's synthesizers and 50's guitar to create an original sound that is familiar yet fresh. Marnie contributes vocals, piano, and synth. Kirwan plays guitar, bass and drums. He also produces. Together, Marnie and Kriwan compose songs that break out of the ordinary and enter the realm extraordinary as demonstrated in their new EP, ‘EscaPe’.

‘EscaPe’ opens with the song “Next Time” which begins with sparse harmonic ambiance on the synth and an open melodic line. Guitar chords are strummed singularly with purpose. Marnie enters with haunting, soprano vocals that give you chills. Her jazz training is immediately heard and respected. Suddenly, a powerful, skillful bass enters and a nice, thick groove glues everything together. Elements of jazz and 80’s synth music meld together with hints of soul. The song is about hoping that maybe next time around, you’ll find someone.

Track Two “Fear” is a very well-composed song that musically captures the belly of fear with dark overtones and tension that builds and holds onto you. “Tie me down and never let me go. Hold me back. Keep me standing still.” The groove resonates and gets under your skin. “Away From Me” follows with an emotional performance by Marnie. The song has a certain yearning to it that is raw and genuine. It’s about feeling that you don’t belong. “Try to fit me in, it didn’t work. Try to squeeze me in, it didn’t work.” Her performance is exquisite.

“Consequence” is up next with a song that tackles the topic of abuse and the feeling that there are no consequences. “Can we make this end? Consequence for them to feel again. You stole what you'll never have to feel again.” Musically, the composition has a rocking cinematic feel to it that is powerful. At the end, an instrumental outro brings it to a place of solitude.

Another song that can’t be overlooked is “Sunny” as it presents intelligent lyrics to strong melodic material and an addictive chorus. “Take me with you. Let me stay.” Very tasteful guitar solos are laced throughout.

Hearing Paradox Cause once is not enough. The duo’s extensive and diverse musical palette will entice lovers of creative music to listen over and over again. Creatively satisfying, emotionally moving, intelligently written and hauntingly beautiful, Paradox Cause gives cause to believe in independent music.

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