• Bryon Harris

Breathless – 'U and I'

'U and I' is the new, long-awaited single by electronic artist Breathless. Released in June, 2018 the song lives up to the artist’s name as it presents over five minutes of music that simply takes your breath away. Judging by the sound of this track, Breathless has cemented his career in the arena of heartfelt electronic music. He could easily land this compositions in film or TV and most definitely on the playlists of fans who love gorgeous musical landscapes.

The one element that ties the composition together is Breathless’ use of melody. The melodies are genuine and heartfelt. Often, we rely on lyrics to feed us an emotion or tell us a story so it is refreshing to hear a love story or relationship painted instrumentally. The introduction of the piece is gentle and flowing as Breathless takes his time to invite the listener inside. Soon, other instruments join and the landscape feels like it is smiling. A light percussive beat keeps the tempo.

Piano drives the composition forward until mid-way when the backdrop becomes fully orchestrated. It is here that the sweet spot of the composition is reached filling the room exuberantly like a garden in full bloom. Throughout the piece, Breathless does a fantastic job bringing the melody back to us in different registers, timbres and voicing making the song stick with you long after you’ve heard it. This keeps the content interesting and engaging.

“U and I” will leave you wanting to hear more from Breathless and rightly so. He has earned it. He paid his dues, honing his craft for two years before releasing this well-crafted single. “U and I” is the type of song to start and end your day, the type of song that fills your soul to the brim and makes you feel alive.

Breathless is on track to take our breath away one song at a time. Make sure to check out their music on Soundcloud.

For more information on this new electric composer, visit his Facebook page.

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