• Bryon Harris

PV & The HeheheeeY’s – ‘Eye Say II’

Indie Pop/Rock group PV & The HeheheeeY’s have recently come out with the second installment of their four-part EP collection, ‘Eye Say II.’ The EP features a five-song set that showcase the bands sensational sound.

The EP begins with their song “Ruin.” The high-octane track shows of the bands stellar ability to weave stick-in-your-head instrumental leads with killer vocals. The motifs of the synth enter between each vocal phrase allowing the lyrics and melodies to take the spotlight for listeners to focus on the story of this relationship. Singing, “You are my favorite ruin,” PV offers up a catchy song that is easy to relate too.

“Craving For Leather” takes the next spot commencing with crisp, staccato guitar strumming. With light influences of The Beatles, PV & The HeheheeeY’s stay to their creative signature style with witty lyrics and the interweaving of instrumental leads that complement each other perfectly keeping their sound unique. For those who are craving something quirky, interesting, and musically thoughtful, “Craving For Leather” will hit the spot!

Following up with their “Sweet,” PV & the HeheheeY’s keep things interesting delivering rhythmical diversity, crunchy alternative solos, and great lyrics. The lead guitar acts as a second voice without ever overpowering or taking away from the vocal making for an engaging music experience in both aspect, vocally and instrumentally. Towards the end of the piece, the piano changes up timbre showcasing the bands remarkable arrangement abilities.

In “Dizzy on the Edge” the band changes things up with deep, rich tones. Gutsy vocals accompanied by crisp drumming and thick bass. Singing, ““Dizzy on the edge of the world. /Dizzy on the edge of the world. / My feet keep slipping. My hands aren’t gripping / I´m dizzy on the edge of the world.” PV tells a story of meeting someone that really spins your world around.

For the finally of the EP, PV & The HeheheeY’s drive things home opening up a more sensitive side of the group. Compelling acoustic guitar and heartfelt, well-delivered vocals set an authentic, genuine tone for the track. Adding in clever word painting with lines like, ““there’s no more bubbles popping in your wine,” PV makes it easy for listeners to picture and connect with his words. “Let Me Take You Home” is moving end to this installment.

The current line-up of PV & HeheheeeY’s features PV Staff (vocals/guitar), Icer Sondøy (drums), Morten Arnetvedt (bass), and Erlend Eidsvik (keyboards). Make sure to keep up with the band by following and liking their page on Facebook. Their album is available for indie-rock lovers on CD Baby!

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