• Bryon Harris

Trace The Sidewalk - 'Simply Livin', 'Let It Go' and 'Ticket to Ride'

A phenomenon this decade has been something the industry dubs as the “internet band” or “online band.” The music industry itself shares music online, extensively, and more and more musicians around the world are collaborating via the internet across country borders with amazing results. Hailing from two different countries, 'Trace The Sidewalk' is an international collaboration featuring Dean Ferrito (United Kingdom) and Matthias Niehues (USA). Their unique cultural influences yield a sound that blends modern British rock with southern US rock for an infectious indie sound that has mass appeal. Off their upcoming 8-song CD titled ‘UKSA’ the duo have released 3 singles and plan to distribute new singles from the project every 6-8 weeks.

“Simply Livin” was the duo’s first release (October 1, 2018). “Simply Livin’” starts strong with Dean playing 8 bars of distorted electric guitar and steady bass for a classic rock feel with an indie groove. Matthias enters singing, “Whoo oooh ooh oooh ooh oooh - Ahh yeah, yeah, yeah.” His upper register sets the tone for a feel-good, upbeat indie rock song. Matthias has a radio-rock-ready voice that sits well above the power-chords progressions. From verse to verse, “Simply Livin’ kills it lyrically with clever lines like “ "We'll catch the Joneses when they're sellin’ their stuff” that puts a smile on your face. “Simply Livin’ is a cautionary tale about the downfalls of material distraction and the other side of the coin, the upside of being satisfied with the deeper meaning of living - beyond designer clothes, fancy fads, expensive jewelry and the stuff TV sells us – “You never really live until you learn how to love. Just keep it simple ‘cuz its simple enough.” Electric guitar solo work and a speak-sing bridge section keep the track engaging. With a universal message, great vocals, and a really catchy chorus “Simply Livin’ is simply a great kick-off for 'Trace the Sidewalk'.

With intense energy, their second single “Let It Go”, is a stellar follow up to their first song. Released in November, 2018, this song has a jump-up energy that would suit the musical festival scene. Without a doubt, you can hear the British rock influence with elements of punk, rock, anthem rock and indie rock. Illuminating the song's core are nostalgic lyrics about the fleeting nature of youth and yearning to get back to your dreams: “to find your way back home to the place where you belong." The songs' call to action, with vocals doubled in the chorus, is to let go of the things that are holding you back.. With strong shout-out sections for an anthem rock vibe, “"Let It go “ is a go to song for those days when you feel like you need a musical pick-me-up to remind you that your dreams are still alive. With slick guitar solos gracing the track, rhythmic change-ups, the content isn’t predictable, yet remains fully accessible and highly contagious. This song is a hit.

Changing things up is “Ticket to Ride” was release December 2018. Still presenting the duo’s signature distorted guitar work and rock groove, the intro adds some cool vocal effects on Matthias voice. This song is a about a seductress who takes you for everything. “Cold eyes, warm disguise, ensure your demise, just lookin’ for a ticket to ride.“ Nice guitar work by Dean cuts through the track creating a edgy groove.

With their first three songs, 'Trace the Sidewalk' has given us far more than a trace amount of what fans can expect - the duo, who crossed country boundaries online to create music, has delivered universally appealing songs that have no boundaries with catchy melodies, strong indie rock vibes, and intelligent lyrics delivered by excellent radio-rock-ready vocals.

For more information on Trace the Sidewalk, please visit their website.

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